Monday, December 13, 2010

Sushi Ornaments

I made these felt sushi ornaments a while back but wanted them to get to their new owners house first before posting.

They are for my friend Jocelyn. I have fond memories of us eating at Rick Shaw Corner in Tierrasanta where we lived and went to high school. She would eat  20+ California rolls and I would eat bowl after bowl of plain white sticky rice with tons of soy sauce.

I made Emily and Ava a Totoro hair clip. They love this movie along with Ponyo. Uh oh, I see a free beanie pattern here. Too bad I don't crochet...

 A mushroom tree in the kitchen. The round boxes are from Ikea this year.

My "ode to Emily" shelf.

I was never satisfied with the way these were framed  before (don't they look better now?) so I ordered larger prints (20"x30" from kodak gallery) and had them re matted. In case you don't see a difference, the photos are larger thus making the mats smaller:) When inserting Ava's picture back in the frame I accidentally scraped a strip off the front of the picture in two spots. You can see one of them in the left hand corner of her picture. I almost cried. Now I have to reorder the picture again.
This morning, Ava woke up and came into the kitchen, pointed to some mini Reese's peanut butter cups my sister sent us (and i swear Julia, they accidentally broke open so I HAD to start eating them and couldn't wait till Christmas day) anyway, she pointed to them and said
"I want THOSE in my mouth".
punctuated with weird eye-rolling.
I think I'll start talking like that.


Anonymous said...

She cracks me up! She is such a character. I am sure you love the yelling when she first wakes up. Such a lovely, musical sound so early in the morning. Lovely :) LY, Jen

Kelly's Korner said...

I love looking at the sushi and donuts you left behind! Reminds me of you. :) The hair clip is cute! Ava is SO FUNNY!!!! I think I'll have to use that line too, but I'll leave out the weird eye rolling! ;)

insanely crafty said...

haha I love ava! I tell matt to insert food and then open my mouth and make ahhhh noises until he gets me something I want to eat.... its a lot cuter coming from her though I am sure!
love love love your mushroom tree and the sushi are so funny!
I really like the photos I am digging the candid quality- so much better than posed photos!

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