Friday, December 5, 2008


I was putting more decorations up and found some ornaments I completely forgot about! I think I got the little mushroom at a German store downtown but I'm not sure....and I made the felt mushroom (trying to copy one from Anthropologie last year).

The stockings I made 2 years ago (copying Pottery Barn Stockings but with the Island of the Misfits characters). Jessica is helping me with my stocking and Ava's. She has drawn them for me and now I just have to finish making them..

One of my favorite decorations from my sister-in-law, Jessica. She always gets me NBC stuff (that's Nightmare Before Christmas in case you didn't know! I only abbreviate because it's a pain to write it out). I have a Santa Jack nutcracker I forgot to photograph. He's cool too and from her.

This picture of all my tiny NBC figurines is for Kara:) She too LOVES this movie. You'll have to super size by clicking on the picture to see them closer. Some are just laying there across other ones because I had them other places and when I went to put them back on this shelf I didn't have any room! There is also Lenore ("the cute little dead girl") Emily Strange and other Tim Burton characters up there like Oyster boy, etc. This is just a tiny fraction of the NBC stuff I own. It's kind of scary.. and I feel weird abbreviating the title of the movie, like a dork, but I hate writing it out. You understand, right?


insanely crafty said...

You are funny! that hanging cat things is really neat looking! I have never actually watched this movie so I think I am going to have to go rent it now!

TheBlackForrist said...

JENNIFER, you are my idol! I WISH I had a collection of NBC like YOU do!!! If you're a dork for using an acronym for the best movie ever, then I am too =)
UM I also think it's rad that you have Oyster boy... that's one of my favorite books EVER!

corinnea said...

oh oh oh, I got you something.

Cute stuff!!!

Kelly's Korner said...

The ornaments are cute!

I find your NBC collection to be less than frightening. I happen to understand obsessive collections, considering the vast amount of Star Wars memorabilia you-know-who has in our basement! Haha!

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