Thursday, December 10, 2015

Island of the Misfits Stockings {#5&6}

Yahoooooo! They are done! I finally made the cats an updated matching stocking and because my sister is spending Christmas with us, I had to make a "guest" one! At the end of the post is a picture of all the stockings together. 
Just in case anyone wants to know, the stocking shape is from an old McCall's pattern. The over-all design of the stocking (the blue, red gingham, etc. and placement of it) is based on a Pottery Barn stocking from years ago. The island of the Misfits characters were made by finding images online (I also had help from Jessica) printing them out to the size I wanted. I traced, cut out and sewed them on. For the names, I sent blank pieces of white cotton to my friends mom in the states and paid her do it. The back of the stocking look exactly the same except for the decoration (characters) and they are fully lined.
So here is the "guest" stocking:  Hermy holding some freshly extracted Bumble teeth. 

and here is the cats stocking: King Moon Racer! 

The picture below is to show a little of the process of making the characters.

and here are all 6 in all their glorious glory!


Corinnea said...

The wait was worth it!!!! They are perfect.

Kelly's Korner said...

These are so awesome! I still don't know this show, but your I love your stockings!

kristin said...

Oh man these are so good! Moonracer and Hermy!! Hermy is our favorite. And E would probably flip over your polka dotted elephant...

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