Monday, November 21, 2011

Albino Jerry Curl

Stockings commissioned by Miss Mary A. They were a trade actually.
I had finished the albino Jerry-curled bumble back in October and gave it to Mary when I went to Stuttgart for my birthday. Nicolas immediately ripped one of the eyes off and I knew right then and there that he and Ava were soul mates. That is exactly what Ava would have done:)
Mary's was finished the other night. I really had a hard time with hers because of Clarice and I'm really not happy with how she came out but I had to get 'er done! I also went back and sewed almost everything down (like the eyes, Christmas tree spots etc.) so hopefully over the years it holds up. I was concerned she'd loose the eye or spots and never replace them (because really, who wants to mend things that you didn't even make?). I hope you like them Mary. I miss you!
Just in case anyone wants to know, the stocking shape is from an old McCall's pattern. The over-all design of the stocking (the blue, red gingham, etc. and placement of it) is from Pottery Barn. The island of the Misfits characters were made by finding images online (I also had help from Jessica) printing them out to the size I wanted. I traced, cut out and sewed them on. For the names, I sent blank pieces of white cotton to my friends mom in the states and paid her do it. The back of the stocking look exactly the same except for the decoration (characters) and they are fully lined. Here's links to mine, Ava's, Emily's and Jon's.


Venus said...

These are freakin' cool!!! The abominable snowman is my favorite... LOVE!!!!!

Mary A. said...

It's sooooooooooo FREAKING CUTE!!!!

I can't wait to have it and hang it and love it forever!

You da woman!


Kelly's Korner said...

They're great Jennifer!!! You make the best stockings!

jules said...

Those are aweome, Jenn!

Corinnea said...

Oh, I agree with Kelly, you do make the best stockings! Very, very cute!

pearlswirl said...

You are so talented and can I just say, waaay better than Pottery Barn in every way. What they need a whole factory to do, you can do by yourself. Amazing. These stockings are the kind of thing Nicolas and your girls will remember as one of those fun childhood Christmas memories!


Katelyn R. said...

These are so cute! I'm very jealous of Mary... you must really like her. And i'm still going to tell you that I love that fabric for the snow monster (i can't spell adonimabledkfjals) they are so perfect!

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