Friday, May 16, 2008

I have no idea.... I did this but I love it! It's a combination of actions from here (pioneer woman action set 1 for free) and trying to round those stupid corners! I cannot figure this out! I have tutorials and even Lizy gave me her short and supposedly easy instructions but I'm still having trouble.
This photo is of Emily and Kayla this evening after they were riding around on their scooters. Emily's shoe was falling off so Kayla tried to fix it.

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sasha said...

Hey! CUTE pic! You've got great finger push timing! hehehe. You always end up with that perfect shot!
SO, I hope to have more time to send you a proper email, but I got the packages.... THANK YOU!!!! I love love love my diaper/wipe thing! As soon as I got it, I filled it and put it in my purse! :)
YAY for returned parking spaces!!! And warm weather... it's HOT here! blah.... Oregon how I love thee.... Germany, too!
I LOVE that mostly yellow fabric you sent me a peek of. LOVE love love it... do you think it'd be good for a baby boy blanket, too? With the yellow gingham back... let me know what you think. One of my friends here thinks it's too fem, but I like it for a neutral/don't know what they're having yet gift.

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