Thursday, July 26, 2012

Pure again

Another Pure quilt but this time for my friend Jenny B. This is the same info I posted for the one I made my sister:  The fabric is Pure by Sweetwater for Moda. The quilt pattern is Flowers in the Garden by Sweet Jane on Etsy with (from what I remember) a 2" border then a 7" border. The size is 102"x102" (roughly a king size ** but my bed pictured here is a queen). The shams are extra fabric left over from the quilt with some borders added to make it a standard size sham. I also added piping and the back of each sham is a flap with ties.

I sent 4 quilts to be "long-armed" plus I actually free-motioned quilted one of my own so I have 4 more quilts to show you! 
The quilting was done by a quilter in Montana (the same one I always use). She used variegated thread.
Two shams with piping.
The back of the sham and the back of the quilt.
Here is a picture of it hung up on the cabinets in my sewing room. 
I had to use the fish-eye lens to get it all to fit in the frame!


Anonymous said...

I. LOVE. IT. My favorite part is the piping on the shams. I am not sure why, but it is. I simply cannot wait until it arrives. Thank you for all the beautiful work you did for me. I love you :)

Jessica said...

It turned out great!

Tina said...

Wonderful quilt and shams. I love the back of the pillow shams, great idea. If your sister don't like, send it my way, lol Can't wait to see the other quilts you did.

Heather Murphy said...

Wow! You are awesome!
Hey guess what? I live in TSanta now!

Corinnea said...

Gorgeous again!

Kelly's Korner said...

I still love that line! And I really like the ties on the back of the pillow shams.

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