Monday, July 30, 2012

Cover a Cook Book

Ages and ages ago I covered two cook books in paper. These "____ for Dummies" series are pretty ugly so they had to be covered don't you think? I used the inside of a Piperlime bag and I'm happy with how they turned out. I might change it out someday to something that matches better but I just wanted it done asap and the bags were sitting on the counter at that moment...
And the wrapping paper is from Joann's! I brought it back from the States when we visited in December. I'm just now blogging about it which won't help anyone who wants to go out and buy it. Maybe Ebay?
Photos from the other night. The light coming across the fields out in front of our house is just gorgeous right before sundown if it's not raining which it does every other minute. We have barely had a summer. Maybe August will be horribly hot and I will be wishing for June/July weather:)

 Ava showing off her new peacock shirt. The girls love the Katy Perry song called Peacock. Love that song! although it's ummm.... not for kids. No bad words but it's not a kids song. That and Banana Phone from Raffi are the most requested songs in the car. Other songs they love are Tonight Tonight by Hot Chelle Rae, Drive By by Train, Everything at Once by Lenka, California Girls and Hot and Cold by Katy Perry. I LOVE to hear the girls sing and they are the only people on this earth I will sing as loud as I can and whole-heartedly in front of. They don't judge:)


pearlswirl said...

Beautiful photos of the girls! They're getting so big and cuter every day! :) i love that wrapping paper, how cool would it be as a fabric??

Corinnea said...

Clever covers.
Cute paper (never saw it there)
Gorgeous girls. I love evening light like that. It's magical.

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