Saturday, July 7, 2012

Vinyl Door Art

Have you seen this door art (for lack of a better name) idea floating around pinterest and other blogs and even Amazon? When I saw it I had to have it. It was on my Silhouette Cameo list of things to make when I got one and then it was on my list of things to make when we move and now I can check it off! I debated to have it say Hallo (you know, because we're in Germany) but Jon liked Hello. I don't like the look of capitals so i went with lower case. The font is my favorite; Century Gothic and the green vinyl is the one that comes in the Vinyl starter kit (don't know the name of it).
I want to explain the black tape over the door with letters and numbers on it. I found it fascinating and never ever saw it (meaning I never noticed it if it was there) in Stuttgart but it was on every house in our little town of Geldersheim in Schweinfurt and now I see it everywhere here.
Here is an explanation I found online.
The custom in Germany is that of the childrens' festival between January 1-6 (Three Kings Day). After a service at the churches the children go from house to house to gather offerings for poor children in poor countries. They are dressed as the three kings and carry sticks with stars on the top. At the homes they sing songs and recite messages of Christmas. At each house they paint the letters "20+C+M+B+10" which are for the Latin Christus Mansionem Benedicat (Christ bless this house). At the same time the letters are the first letters of the names of the wise men: Caspar, Melchior and Balthasar. — Christmas Stories from German Culture. *the 20 at the front and 11 at the end is the year it was blessed. Ours wasn't blessed this year:)
And then of course (of course!) I had to have it say goodbye in German on the way out! It's one of my favorite German words. In case you want to say it too, it's pronounced "chewss" or you can say "chewssy". And I'm just guessing on the phonetic spelling. I see someone phonetically spelled it like this "Ch-eeuus" on the internet.
Want one too? I will gladly take special orders:) 
Email me what you want (any wording) and I'll give you a price.
parrishplatz (at) hotmail (dot) com


Anonymous said...

L.O.V.E it I mean really really really cute. I have vinyl cut outs in the shape of a wish (dandilion) on the window by my front door (on fb if you want to see) I also have a quote by Dr. Seuss on one of the windows in my classroom. I love them. They weren't expensive, but they were not cheap either. Great idea :) JennyBean

Kelly's Korner said...

Very cute! I really like that idea! Our door is brown and in a dark stairwell. :( we noticed those markings above the door in our little town this year and had to ask about it. I don't know how prevelent it is here, but we've seen it quite a bit this year.

teenage bedroom ideas said...

Vinyl Door Art
This is great! Very interesting details you have observed , Thanks for the info

Jessica said...

love it! I may need some... definitely haven't used the silhouette enough yet...though I did actually pull it out this week! I really wish I had room to leave it out!
I remember those markings at my grandparents house they were in hohenfels ... I think I saw them sometimes in Stuttgart maybe... but not often never really thought about it!

Katelyn R. said...

Holy cow... I want the tschuss one too! I swear you are brilliant! My house in stuttgart had the markings in chalk above our door too. Also I love your outside decorations.

Corinnea said...

I am totally making Jess copy you to give to me and put up in my house!

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