Monday, October 24, 2011

Ludwigsburg Palace Pumpkin Patch year 7

This years theme was Dinosaurs!! How cool is that?? And we went on my birthday and with good friends. The only thing that could have made it the perfect day was if Jon was there.
*for last year and all the years before, look here.
year 4 (here here and here)
2005, 2006, 2007 can be seen here.

I think Ava looks just like my brother in the photo below.
I'll have to dig out a photo of him pouting at that age.
Who has the coolest shoes ever?
Ava's crazy.
Crazy I tell you!
These are the other kids we went with. Nicolas, Annabel & Sienna.
If you can take your eyes off Ava's crack, take a look at that huge pumpkin!!
Thanks Heidi and Mary for some of the photos:)


jules said...

I laughed out loud at Ava's butt crack, butt crack, 123! And at her many faces. Yes, she is soooo Jeff in that photo! The shirt and boots on Emily are tooo cute! I want one of those shirts! Those are great photos, Jenny!! I had to do a double take of the one of you and the girls because for a split second, I thought it was a picture of me! We look a lot alike in that photo.

kms handmade said...

I bet the girls were so excited to see that it was dinosaurs! How awesome! I'm so impressed that you have gone every year - even after you moved away. I still have not gone ONCE! Feeling very pathetic now. :)

venus said...

Dang! How come we don't have pumpkin patches like that over here?! And the boots... did you make that? That calls for a serious tutorial.

Corinnea said...

Oh how fun that you guys got to spend the day together! Those kids have all gotten so big! I only left 14 months ago for goodness sake.....

Glad you had a great time your pictures are gorgeous.

Jennifer said...

Venus: I agree about the pumpkin patches in the states. Why don't they have any like this one?? And the boots came like that. I wish I could have sewn the dinosaur part on them!

Jessica said...

Oh man those pictures make me laugh! I LOOOVVVEE the crack one! I miss Germany!

Vicky said...

I want her shoes. x

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