Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween 2011

left: simplicity 5520 and right: simplicity 4944
On the left is the pattern I used for Emily's dress. On the right is the one I should have used but didn't discover it till just now. Boo. I had to alter the left one to look like the right one and I don't like making my own pattern pieces. Jenny's not good at it. 
I used a black satin with flocked moons and stars from (I think) Joann fabrics from years and years ago. I lined it with a cheapy poly lining and then lined the sleeves with this really cool two sided silver and black fabric. I forgot to include a picture of the back but I did a faux lace up. Although Emily's hat is not really the best match for this gown, I had the worst time finding one. The one I ordered online was so terribly thin and cheap and then they had nothing at the PX. I found this at a German toy store. It had green iridescent feathers, green pom poms and thicker netting on it along with the tulle you see. I took all that off and just left the tulle and fabric flowers.
Ava's dress and hat are from a German clothing store (Takko. Yes, it sounds like taco.). During fasching last year they had costumes. Not bad for $20 euro.
One other thing:
Love you pooh shiv, you're the best.
10 years married, 19 altogether.   


Norma's Nonsense said...

First, your girls are adorable.
Second, your photography is amazing.
Third, the costumes are adorable and amazing.

Fourth, do you ever sleep???????

You kill me!

jules said...

Happy Halloween and Happy Anniversary!

The pictures are amazing and adorable (I know Norma said the same thing, but those two words say it all)!

Adrienne said...

WOW!! I'm actually really glad you bought Ava's costume. It makes me feel less inadequate. :) Those girls are just gorgeous, Emily's costume is ah-mazing, and your pictures are fantastic. I like the one with the striped socks at the top, and the b&w one of Em at the bottom. <3

Corinnea said...

I cannot help but copy cat the previous comments. Your pictures are amazing and the girls are gorgeous! These should be in a magazine, seriously.

Oh Ava, you kill me.

Anonymous said...

The one of Emily on the bottom of the post nearly made me spit my coffee. It is great. I like the banner too. They are great pictures and great costumes. Every time you make them something so beautiful in order to create memories, you have a great mom day. Keep it up Jen, you are the mother you wish you had. I love you. Happy Anniversary. JennyBean

pearlswirl said...

I LOVE that little photoshoot you did with emily, it looks professional and soooo cute! She will love you later in her life for taking such quality and interesting photos of her rather than just the standard neked-in-bathtub ones (although i guess you take some of those too right?) Their costumes both look great. Congrulations! But what were you? is this the first year you haven't posted your own elaborate costume?


Jessica said...

Your kids are going to have the coolest photo albums to look back on! I love these you are an amazing photographer!

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