Sunday, October 9, 2011

Zombies and glow sticks

My fellow San Diegan Venus, from happyfind, had cal-zombies on her blog last week and we HAD to make them! I LOVE pizza and I love Halloween so those two together equal awesome:) The weird looking mounds of excess dough are just that: excess dough Emily HAD to bake too.
The girls helped (and that tried my patients like you wouldn't believe!) but none of us eat veggies so we were super limited on face decorations. The next time we made them we tried different spooky shapes. Pretty cute huh?
Below is Frank attacking the mean horrible string from my sewing machine that is always antagonising him while he tries to sleep behind my machine. When I chain stitch blocks he swats at them when I push them through and he really loves to smack that little thingy that goes up and down at the top of your machine (what is that called??). He smacks it over and over and last night he got his paw stuck a little and you should have seen his face! He looked at my machine like it just insulted his mama! The next round of smacking was vicious!

Raise your hand if your addicted to pinterest? Hi my name is Jennifer and I have a problem...but! I actually make things I pin on pinterest! Like below (I could not get a good picture to save my life!). I put the girls in the bath last night with glow sticks and turned out the lights. They LOVED it! I got the idea from here. I have many more projects to share from pinterest.


Venus said...

*jumping & clapping*
Ha-HA!!! I love it!!! Oooo... the devil and the ghost are extra spooky! Job well done, girls!!!

The glow sticks look really fun. Man... for get the kids... I wanna do that for me!!!

jules said...

Oh, the Cal-Zombies look soooo good! We're going to make them!

I laughed out loud about Frank!

Corinnea said...

Too fun! Love the zombies! Glow sticks are always fun! Poor Frank, that's hilarious!

I adore pintrest, seriously, I wish it had been around long ago. I've managed to get several other people addicted too. So now I feel better about my issue.... I just don't get enough chances to actually make stuff these days!

Adrienne said...

Bwahahahaha, oh that's awesome. Poor Frank. Any word on Piggy?

The cal-zombies are cute. I'm not usually a fan of zombies, but I'm making an exception since in this case, people eat the zombies instead of the other way around.

The glow sticks in the tub are great. We've done that with Elora, and she loves it. :)

Jessica said...

I want glow sticks when I take a bath! That is awesome. I always have to resist the urge to buy them at Michaels!
love the zombies. I can't wait for micah to be old enough to enjoy stuff like that!

Kelly's Korner said...

The cal-zombies are so fun! That's funny about the cat. I bet Ethan would like the glow sticks in the bath too!

lizy said...

Hello my name is Lizy and I am an addict! A pinterest addict that is :) Love it! I can spend hours browsing around. The zombies are cuuuute and they look yummy. Glow sticks in the tub what fun! I wish i had done that when Gio was young ;)

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