Sunday, September 13, 2009

Ludwigsburg Pumpkin Patch 2009

**pioneer woman: sunshine
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We visited the Ludwigsburg Pumpkin Patch yesterday.

**pioneer woman: sunshine

It was such a gorgeous day.

**pioneer woman: sunshine

Our camera decided to not work properly so

we had to use the little pink camera for most of the photos.

**pioneer woman: boost

Ava was...out of control and wore both me and Jon out.

**pioneer woman: heartland

I used different photo shop actions on all of these photos except the last one that has me in it and the collage. I'm not posting any crafty stuff but I feel OK about it because the photos are altered and maybe someone can be inspired to do the same:)

**pioneer woman: boost

We have taken a photo of Emily on this mushroom every year. The palace has been doing this pumpkin fest for 10 years now and we've gone to it 5 years in a row. Kind of cool.

I think Ava looks so much like my sister here on the mushroom.
This years theme at the pumpkin fest was fairy tales. The above collage is most of the gourd/pumpkin sculptures (for lack of a better word).

The front of the palace..

normally when we go they have had or are having

pumpkin races on that pond in huge hallowed out pumpkins. It's really cool.

the only picture of me that was decent. Except it looks like I'm wearing a fanny-pack:)


Kara Forristall said...

funny, we happened upon this pumpkin diplay last weekend when my sister was still here, it was AWESOME! I took SO many pics, but I'm not as quick to post... Silas is too needy, for lack of a better word =]

Corinnea said...

Looks like another fun year at the pumpkin patch! Sorry Ava was too energetic?? I love all your actions and of course that counts! I just can't believe how big Emily is getting. It really shows in these photos and it kinda scares me!

Mary said...

I love all the pictures! I want to see a side by side of the first year emily sat on the mushroom and this year =-) Hopefully it wont be to scary for Corinnea.

Jessica said...

Love the pictures! They are looking SO alike its not even funny. The pigtails are so adorable! The fest looks like so much fun I love seeing all the cool things they've done. I loved going there growing up! I wish they had done the pumpkin thing back then!

Corinnea said...

Yes Mary, it would be too scary but I might be able to handle it... just cause they're so cute.

pearlswirl said...

They ARE getting big! Looks like a great day... can't believe it's already fall. What happened??

Norma's Nonsense said...

Jennifer, your two adorable little girls couldn't get any about wanting to squeeze things, they are sooooo squeeze-able!!!!! You do a great job with your photos, sewing, everything. Looks like an amazing day.

lizy said...

OMG, the girls are sooo big and their hair sooo long. Love how they decorate this place for fall. the picture are beautiful.

d-na said...

looks like a good time. chris and i took our aeva there last year and she was a serious handful too!

Mary H. said...

Awesome pics from your visit at the pumpkin patch. It's cool how they arrange the pumpkins to look like things, don't think I've seen anything like that.
Maybe we'll get to go one year before we leave here.

Jules said...

I love these pictures, Jenny!!!

Katelyn R. said...

Oh! I went last year and had a lot of fun! Isn't it just the coolest festival ever? Pretty photos too!

Anonymous said...

Love, Love your pics.....we can't wait to go.....this sunday!!

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