Monday, September 7, 2009

I wanna be Sookie..

I MUST have this mug! Or one like it since it's $32. Someones birthday is coming up. But I'm not going to say who because I'm not one to talk:)
Here's some other True Blood inspired stuff found on etsy:
bracelet (I'd take off the mouth if it was mine)
very cute print

I ordered two of these up-cycled wine bottle glasses for my brother-in-law's birthday.
He fancies himself a bartender:)

We went to Lego land again. Ava is soooo not game for this kind of thing. She cried and screamed as we waited in line for the Atlantis attraction so Jon had to take her out of line and walk around with her. Well I guess she was so out of control that some German lady asked Jon if Ava was even his! That's mean!

A new addition to the Frankfurt display.
They did a lot of work on these Lego cities since we were here last.

Ava eating tomato's! And loving it.

So we are pretty sure she's not mine accept I distinctly remember birthing her. Maybe she was switched when they took her to the NICU.

Her ear is trying to get away from her.

Inside the Atlantis attraction.
I did sew this past weekend. I almost finished two more mushroom pack-packs. One for Ava and one for a friends daughter. That will be posted later this week.


corinnea said...

hmmmm wonder where a mug like that could be gotten for someone who's birthday is coming up???

Poor Ava, poor Jon. Little tomato eater. She is yours! She's already given me your famous stink eye. VERY funny by the way. When she does it, not you! Not that you've ever done it to me, I mean, you know......

The photo where they are standing side by side is so cute. Look at their hair!

Mary said...

I'm so jealous, I love that place. The pictures came out sooo great, love the family one =-) Poor Jon and Ava's crying. I hate it when I'm trying sooo hard to control Nicolas, and some stranger has to put out an annoying comment. Grrrrr. I'm sure by next summer, she'll enjoy LegoLand as much as Emily.

insanely crafty said...

Oh see now I feel bad because we just spent the weekend in orlando and it was the weekend of very PO'd children where matt and I wondered the same thing... But then again I am sure you were trying to console her the parents of these many many many children couldn't have cared less actually I don't even think they noticed...
Anyway the pictures are lovely!

Adie said...

I love True Blood! And my mother in law would just love that mug... I might have to make one for her. And there is that other person with a birthday coming up too...

Looks like you guys had a good time, the pics are adorable!

TheBlackForrist said...

True Blood fan, eh? not so sure about that show yet... I'm 3 episodes in... guess I should continue on... the mug is pretty rad tho, and Legoland... I'm jealous, I REALLY want to go! I love Ava's ears :D

Mary H. said...

Cool stuff and cute pictures! Sorry Ava's still giving you some problems about going out somtimes.
Glad she's starting to eat more/different foods! Even if it's food you don't like. :)
Thanks for the heads up on the Bday btw, I'm prone to forget things like that. (Not always a bad thing either)

lizy said...

Love the pictures of the girls. You always know how to capture great moments. Cool cup, Can't wait for the second season of true blood.

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