Sunday, September 20, 2009

Felt Leaf Garland & Princess and the Pea

I made this Happy Thanksgiving Leaf Garland yesterday. I'm SO pleased with it!
The pictures are not so great though. 1st, when I went to hang it I discovered my shear curtains were dirty and discolored from the windows being tipped at the top. So I had to take them down and wash them (the reason there is no curtains in the pictures) and I couldn't get steady, non-blurry photos while standing on a bar stool. Does anyone have a magic trick for cleaning very delicate sheer pleated curtains? They are off white (they are the ones you liked from Pottery Barn, Jess!).

I used all acrylic felt because I had no idea if this would even turn out. I also used the die-cut machine at work to cut out the letters, maple leafs, pumpkin and turkeys. The other leaves were from here.

I sewed them all to a very dark green satin ribbon. Each item is actually two, with the ribbon sandwiched in between then sewn to make them less floppy. It was all very easy but time consuming as it's a lot of sewing! I used a lot of thread. I 1st sandwiched each leaf/turkey, etc. over the ribbon, sewed them down, then went back and sewed the details on each one then went back and sewed all the letters on.

It would have been better if the whole things was larger but then I couldn't have used the die-cute machine and that cut down a lot of the work I had to do!

Below is a photo my brother Jeff took that made it to the cover of this magazine!!
How cool is that?

He is a published skydiving photographer (with over 2000 jumps I think. Could be more by now). He videos and photographs tandem jumps in Lake Oswego, Oregon where he lives.

Colin made this t-shirt for Mary's son Nicolas. How flippin cute is this???

It was done using a template (his original design) made from freezer paper.

Some Princess and the Pea inspiration below (with an apron thrown in).

I just got this princess and the pea embroidery pattern today! HOW CUT IS THIS?????

I LOVE this child's apron! It's from lizzy inspired on flickr (and nothing to do with princess and the pea, it just got out of place when i loaded pics)

Princess and the pea quilt from Moda Bake Shop. I like this quilt except for the ruffle and I think I'd do the mattresses more wonky and of different thicknesses.

I love this quilt. It's by someone on flickr, didn't write down who but I know you'll find it in the Heather Ross pool. I have all this princess and the pea/far far away fairytale fabric just waiting for a similar quilt.


Katelyn R. said...

cute garland! way too much work for me. I was going to send you a link to that embroidery pattern as well, but decided you were probably sick of my emails by now. So I'm glad you found it!

stellamaria said...

the garland is wow !!
and the apron is very cute !

i like it !


Mary said...

LOVE the garland,I knew it would be freakin cute. I'm going to have to copy that.

My sheer curtains are from pottery barn and say dry clean only. I've always washed them in a lingerie bag, with woolite, on a hand wash cycle. I love the way the woolite makes my whole living room smell nice. I also iron them while they're damp, it's a lot easier.

Mary H. said...

Cute, cute, cute stuff! :) Making your own garland is a good idea! Any plans to make any other holiday ones? Maybe even a Bday one instead of buying the disposable ones from the PX or something. Those are things you could always use.
That's awesome about your brother, congrats!
That shirt is pretty cool too!I also like the pretty princess and the pea collection you posted and that apron is adorable! :)

corinnea said...

The garland; fantastic.
Your brother; awesome, congrats.
Collin's shirt; my fav so far.
Ideas; when will you have them done?

Adie said...

The garland turned out great! Are you glad you did "Happy Thanksgiving" instead of "Give Thanks"?

And I'm totally loving that Princess and the Pea embroidery pattern. :)

Kelly's Korner said...

Wow! Neat stuff! The garland is cool. Great idea. And everything else too. Too much to comment on, but I really like the princess and the pea idea to make the matresses more wonky and different sizes. You gonna do it?

lizy said...

Love love love the garland. Collin did an amazing job with nicolas shirt. Your brother pic is very cool. Are you going to make does aprons? very cute :)

TheBlackForrist said...

collins shirt is awesome... i love the princess and the pea inspiration, funny, i just told that story to Silas in the car the other day when he was fussing but i couldn't remember the whole thing so i came home and reread it... odd coincidence i think

Jules said...

LOVE the garland!!

Nicole said...

Thanks for including my Princess pattern, I hope you will enjoy stitching it! And I REALLY like the garland! :)

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