Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Ludwigsburg Palace Pumpkin Patch Year 6

Once again no crafting stuff. Sorry:( I hope I'm not losing anyone!
I'm in limbo between two apartments and can't sew at either.
So Saturday we were able to squeeze in a few hours at the Pumpkin Festival. This years theme is under the sea

Ava is looking at some geese in these photos. When we made her leave that area we had serious melt down. She wore her voice out (it's now scratchy and smoker-like) from screaming.

You can see lasts years visit here and 2008 here and here and here.
Check out this collage of Emily.

Last night was my going away dinner and I got some good going away presents! They are awesome! Kelly took photos so I'll have to get them from her. My friends know me so well...it was lots of mushroom and Gnome stuff! Plus fabric and handmade stuff. I'm really really shy about expressing thanks becasue it never feels like it's coming across right. Just know Kara, Josanna, katelyn, Kelly, Mary and Heidi, that I was so happy you all took the time to have dinner with me at my favorite restaurant and I love and appreciate the time and thought that went in to each gift.


Margaret said...

Wow! I can't believe how much the girls have grown! And how much hair Emily has! Sorry you can't be sewing right now :-( Moving is so hard and such a pain. But, I'm glad you have such a better place now! Can you email me your new address?

kms handmade said...

Wow... 8 1/2 years and I have still never made it over there. I am a loser for sure. HA! Glad I have YOUR pictures to look at! :)

I enjoyed dinner with everyone very much! It was so fun it didn't feel like a farewell, but just a night out with some awesome friends. :) I haven't looked at the pics yet, but don't hold your breath. I had a hard time with the light and the moving and you yelling at me every two seconds for taking too many pictures! haha!

Mary A. said...

Those girls are too stinkin cute. I love the picture of Ava on the mushroom, it's so her! They are both so pretty, I love looking at their pictures.

I had an amazing time last night. I just keep telling myself it wasn't a farewell. We should do that everytime you come to town. I sure am going to miss seeing you all the time!

Keep posting as you settle in!

pearlswirl said...

Cute! I think Ava looks so much like Drew Barrymore in The Wedding Singer in these pictures, and Emily is just so beautiful! I wish i could be there for the farewell dinner! I guess now we just have to have a 'hello again' dinner at some point...

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