Friday, October 8, 2010

This and that

Hanging door stopper from Martha Stewart. I looked and looked but couldn't find the original pattern online and since my stuff is all packed up I couldn't scan in the one I printed out. I made this years ago so Emily wouldn't smash her fingers in the door. I used cotton velvet and organza ribbon. Next time I would use something else for the ribbon since this is so thin it makes a good tight not if you're not careful!

I took these photos as the movers were packing our stuff so they are a little blurry and not so pretty but you can get the idea of what it is.

Below is some of the fabric I got at Joann's while on vacation.
Below is Swiss dot (joann's calls it a flocked dot) in yellow, blue and pink dots. I love this stuff! I wanted to get all the blue they had to make curtains for the girls room but at the time I had no idea what kind of windows we'd have in or new place or if the blue dots even match the baby blue velvet curtains they already have.

Below is a woven plaid.

Below is a rayon I think. It's like a chiffon or Georgette. Thin and flowey and beautiful! I saw it at one Joann's but didn't buy and then couldn't stop thinking about it so I had to go back and get it!

Two more plaids below but these have stretch and are solely to make pj shorts for myself.

Some pom pom trim in two yummy colors.

So we are moved into our new place and just received government furniture today in the old place right after this picture was taken.

Old place above,
New place below.

I am so in love with the new place. We live behind one of the bases so I could walk to it if I wanted. I changed the rooms I had designated for the sewing room and master bedroom. I started thinking about our master bedroom window having parking spaces below it and people scraping ice or snow or shutting doors in the morning and I'm such a light sleeper. So I switched and I'm so glad I did.

Either we have a lot of kitchen stuff or the storage space in the new place is small becasue I filled all the cabinets and we haven't even brought over the food yet! I'll have to get another shelf to house the cans and boxes of foods.
Below is Emily & Emilee exchanging photo albums they made for each other. Emilee and her family also moved at the same time we did but they went back to the states. We will miss them something awful!

They are really cute and both girls did a really good job!

I'm itching to get our new place situated but we still have stuff to do in our old place. Jon is steam cleaning the carpets as I write this. Ava has been sick through this whole move and now I have a cold.


Anonymous said...

how is it that moving is both exciting and upsetting at the same time...I hated our move from Germany, but was so happy to be near family. Most days, I still am :) I am glad that it is going well and I hope everything made it there safe and sound. I love you and I miss you. Jen

Mary A. said...

Wow, you'll be busy for a while! Hearing the kitchen stuff is making me rethink my surprise for you. hmmmmmm! Well, I'll be feelin your pain soon.

The girls look cute with their albums! I hope there's another family in Schweinfurt just like them!

corinnea said...

Miss you!!!!!

Love the fabric. Love the new place! Love that you love it.
The girls and their albums, so cute! Hope you find a place for everything and great friends to hang out with.

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