Saturday, October 30, 2010

Nest curtains

You can't see it in the above photo but I made new curtains for my sewing room! The fabric is called Nest by Valori Wells. It's super soft Voile.

Here is a close up of the fabric since it was really hard to photograph in the window.


Proof to those who don't beleive that we actually have two black cats. Most people who come over never see Piggy. Frank has banished her to under our bed. For about 5 years now. This is one reason we wanted to give him away. That and he started peeing on the bathroom rugs and towels. You will be happy to know that that has stopped now that we have moved away from the stinky neighbors!! I think this is proof that their filth really did mess up Frank. I can finally have bath mats in the bathroom again!! So back to Piggy...she is now out and about and sleeping near Frank and loving her new apartment:)

Emily's class had tea party and was allowed to bring one guest. It was nice to meet other parents and see her classroom.
There was several daddies in their uniforms sipping tea.
A Gnome cake pan from Mary A! How cute is this?? And I had the picture of the mushroom weather thermometer that Kelly gave me on here too but I accidentally hit backspace and deleted it (blogger doesn't have a "undo" button). I already have slow Internet so I'll have to re post it on the next post.

I had to end this post with a look at Emily's kindergarten photos.
Damn she's cute!
As I'm typing this we are having air-raid sirens going off. I'm not kidding. Did you know that Schweinfurt was heavily bombed during World War 2? There were ball bearing factories here or something like that here.
Some weird things that Ava says:
good bye: b-bye
sponge bob: b-bob
hot dog: d-dog
She's too cool to say the whole thing. Or too lazy.


Kelly's Korner said...

I really like that voile. I bet it makes really pretty curtains. (I do believe they are there....) :)

The tea party is cute! I can't wait for you to actually make a gnome cake. That's going to be cool!

Those school pics are SO adorable! That last one makes her look a lot older. Man, she's so cute.

And A is just preparing for her future communication my IM. You know by the time she's a teen we won't be using most words anyway... we'll just be speaking in abbreviations like lol, etc. :)

lizy said...

OMG, Emy looks sooo grown up and beautiful in her school picture. I love how you craft room is coming along and the fabric that you picked for the curtains are perfect. Can't wait to see the gnome cake. Don't mess with Ava she has a mind of her own ;)besides is true what kelly says she is from the new text generation. Short cuts are the in thing..... she makes me laugh ;)

corinnea said...

Oh my, Emily is so grown up in those photos! Where has all the time gone?

LOVE your curtains. I have a dress cut out of that fabric that I've never finished.... blah. Love your sewing room!

So glad Frank is better now!

The gnome cake pan is fantastic! Leave it to Mary...

Ava is doing her own thing? Really? ha ha post a video of her

insanely crafty said...

Love seeing your craft room! Those curtains are gorgeous!
The tea party sounds like a blast : )

jules said...

Those curtains are beautiful! I love the print. Are you in heaven in your sewing room?? Is the day bed in there again for me to sleep on when we come visit (where will Steve sleep?):)
You look absolutely beautiful in that photo with Emily! What a hot mama!! How fun was that!!!
So, Piggy has decided to join the living . . . wow! I wonder why now. That is really good that she is out and about!

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