Sunday, October 24, 2010


Here is what katelyn wanted me to make her. I hope they are how she wanted it...She had shown me a picture of one she saw on etsy and voila! Here are two! Or's leather with the cutest ribbon sewn on. The cute ribbon and the jewelry findings (right word?) are from dawanda (the European etsy) and the leather and red ribbons are from the store.

I didn't get to post on the 15th but on that day I turned the big 39!!!!! I'm always so shocked at the numbers each year and how they keep sounding older and older (I realize they are "older" each year but 21 doesn't sound old! it's only now in my late 30's that they are sounding really old!). When I was in my early 20's, 30 sounded ancient !
Emily after her first day of school and 1st bus ride. She was pretty excited about the whole day although she cried when we dropped her off.

And below is Emily rocking her school uniform!
You can wear blah and still be cute!

Ava is totally adjusting to the move as you can see. Not acting weird at all. That's two potty's and a scarf; perfect for watching t.v.

And this scene made me so happy. My girls playing outside on OUR patio. We may have a view of the neighbor's comings and goings but still, it's our patio and I can stay inside and sew!

We just received word that we will get Internet and phone on November 4th!! Keep in mind that we ordered it on October 7th and I've been in this apartment since October 13th without it. We were also told that since the area we live in is at the tale end of our town (meaning less populated) that our DSL bandwidth will be 384 kbps! Instead of the 6,000 kbps that we are used to in Stuttgart. I don't know anything about bandwidth but Jon assured me that is almost as slow as dial up and almost not worth it. So you might be asking how I am able to post on my blog right now with no Internet (because I can't do this at the library)? Well, my awesome neighbors above us are "sharing" their Internet till we get our own!!! How cool is that ?? I don't even think she knows how much this probably saved our marriage or my sanity. And my neighbor told me that the Internet providers told her the same thing about the speed and she sees no problem and I haven't either while I've been using hers.


Mary A. said...

I was so excited to see your post! I miss you =(

I love your bracelets, super cute!

I knew Emily would rock that uniform. You'll just have to buy her lots of different shoes. She could be in rags and still be the cutest girl in town.

Ava was too funny with the two potties and scarf. She always cracks me up!

Anonymous said...

Well mommy, potties are the way to go when watching tv. The head covering is just because she is not used to all the natural light in the house and must cover her delicate skin. Emily is as cute as ever. As for the internet, bear in mind that what you are using now (through your neighbor) is slower than it will be for you because you have more connections using the same wireless internet. When it is just you and jon, it will only be two. In other words, what you have now is slow when compared to what you will have on the fourth. I am sure it will be fine. How are things going at jon's new job? Love you and miss you. Jen

Adrienne said...

Love the bracelets! I'm so glad you got to post, yay for nice neighbors! It's wonderful that you're liking your new place, and that the girls are adjusting well. Emily makes that uniform look good, btw. Super cute! I hope they get your internet hooked up soon, and that your speeds end up being batter than expected. We had terrible internet (it was only slightly better than dial-up) the whole time we were in Germany, and it was not fun. Good luck!

insanely crafty said...

I LOVE the bracelets totally cute!

Your girls are too cute! Emily will look cute no matter what you put her in! I love the two pottys... twos always better right?

That's awesome to have your own patio!

corinnea said...

Oh man I miss you guys! So so so so glad you like your new place.

Love the bracelets.

Love miss Em in her uniform. It's been said but I agree and must say it again, she can wear anything and look awesome!

Oh AVA! She makes me laugh out loud!

jules said...

Emily looks so cute in her uniform. I love that she (you) added her own flair with the great boots! It's cute at my school to see how the girls add flair to their uniforms (striped tights, leggings underneath the skirt, boots, etc.). Those bracelets are super cool! I'm so glad you have nice neighbors! I love you and miss you tons!
P.S.: Damn, Ava is too funny!!! Love it!!

Kelly's Korner said...

I love the bracelet! Very cool! I'm sure Katelyn squealed! :) Your girls are so adorable. Such character... ;P I'm sorry I'm such a bad friend that I missed saying happy birthday... Well, HAPPY late BIRTHDAY!!!! Miss you!

Katelyn via Mary said...

Katelyn looooooooves the bracelets! She's really excited about them. She's having some computer issues and asked me to let you know. Hopefully she'll be up and running again soon =)

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