Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Family time

Here are some random photos from our visit to San Diego.
There's no crafting in this post so skip it if that's the only reason you visit! Which is totally OK. But I feel I need to warn those that don't really want to see boring family photos:)
Right to left:
Jon, me, Jon's mom, Jessica (Jon's sister) with Ava on her lap, Glenda (Jon's aunt) with Emily on her lap and Bird Jon's niece (Jessica's daughter)
Bird and Emily. Bird is 15 and as I like to tell anyone who will listen, I saw her come out! And she was truly the most beautiful baby right from birth. I can't even say that about my own!

Bird, Emily and Ava
One of the day's we went to the Zoo. We took the tour bus which is the best way to see the Zoo. Then you go back and walk the places you want to see. We've been going to this zoo since I was little (at least once a year and sometimes more when we had season passes) and I think I've only done the tour bus two times. I will be doing it each time from now on!
One of the funniest pictures ever of Emily & Ava because it says so much about these two. Emily trying to have a nice time and Ava sneaking in and ruining it. That sounds harsh but it's soooo true! Ava has to get in on everything.

When in San Diego we visited Jon's mom twice a day in the hospital.
The girls would get restless and had to find ways to entertain themselves. They even fell asleep a couple of times.


TheBlackForrist said...

Emily looks a lot like Jon's mom, at least from this picture it seems she does...

also that last picture of Emily with her dinosaurs is terrific!

Corinnea said...

These are good family pictures to have!

I agree with Kara, that last photo is really good.

I love Ava sneaking up on Emily! Too funny. They are going to be so much fun as they grow! I mean that in a nice way, not a mean way... I LOVE my sis and we had some knock down drag outs when we were young but by the teens we were great together.

Jessica said...

Im glad you have some fun pictures from the trip!

lizy said...

thanks for sharing! Craft projects are nice but family time is always special.

Jocelyn said...

Oh my goodness, Bird is so grown up now! She's 15!?!?! Holy crap!

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