Thursday, April 14, 2011

No place like home

 Lots of beach pictures from our visit home.
This is La Jolla Cove and La Jolla Children's Pool 
You may have noticed the seals in the beach photo (4th row up). This is La Jolla Children's Pool which has been taken over by seals. Here's what I found on the web:
Originally designed and developed as an enclosed beach for children to play and swim at, this popular, man-made cove is now inhabited by hundreds of harbor seals, which can be seen lounging on the beach day and night. Controversy surrounds the future of the pool as some community members feel the seals should be expelled and the cove should once again serve as a place for children to swim, while environmentalists argue that the seals are protected by federal law and are entitled to their adopted habitat.
They have been there forever! I remember them in high school so it's at least been 20 years.
We're back from our trip home. The flight was the worst yet. Ava was at her worst of course so there was no sleeping on the plane and lots of irrational behavior:)
This is Ava:
I want to lay down.
I dropped my toy.
My butt hurts.
I want to sit up.
Emily's touching me.
I dropped my toy.
I want a pillow. Not that pillow.
Where's my bottle?
I want daddy!
I dropped my toy.
My tummy hurts.
I want to take a bath.
I dropped my toy.
I want to get off the plane.
I want mommy!
No, I mean daddy.
I dropped my toy and you're not picking it up fast enough.
and so never stopped.
Jon was in a different row so of course when I would tell Ava no, she wanted daddy. We didn't want to bother the other passengers so we'd switch seats. Well, after we would do that she'd then want the other parent, the one not sitting  next to her. She'd throw a huge fit. It was awful. I wanted to spank her butt sooooo bad but it would have made things worse for so many reasons.
Oh and after getting off the plane and taking a 10 minute shuttle bus to our car, the ticket machine won't take my debit or credit card so I can't pay our car-park bill and leave. Jon and I get in a huge fight and after me getting back on the shuttle to get money from an ATM at the airport, getting on the shuttle again and finally getting our car out of the lot, we have a 2 hour drive home. Yay!!!!!
And in case you're asking, yes, I had checked to make sure they took Visa/Master card before committing to this particular car park so the card should have worked but for some reason the machine couldn't read 3 different Master cards!
Now we have horrible jet lag and we're all cranky and irrational!


Anonymous said...

BOO! Bad Baby! You weren't kidding, she was the devil huh? Then to end it all with a fight in a parking lot because it didn't work the way it was supposed Lots of love coming your way. JennyBean

Corinnea said...

Gorgeous photos of the girls!
Sending lovely calming thoughts your way, along with a quick recovery from jet-lag....

Mary A. said...

Your pictures are beautiful. The colors are sooo vibrant. I can't wait to see more.

Sorry about the bad flight. Other people always complain about kids on airplans, but no one hates it more than the mom of the kid. I've never met any mother who enjoys flying with kids.

I'm glad you guys all made it back =)

Jessica said...

I am so sorry about your flight! Can you drug children? (I'm only half serious)
Those pictures are GORGEOUS I really miss the California beaches. Florida just isn't the same.

Kelly's Korner said...

I'm sorry about the flight, but I have to tell you I'm laughing so hard imagining it. But I'm pretending it was in a movie and didn't happen to someone I actually know and love...

Your photos are AMAZING!!!! Oh my gosh! Those are like magazine photos. Like something you would see in travel magazines to make you want to go there!

jules said...

What great pics, Jenn!

lizy said...

awww, love these picture! beautiful colors and the girls look gorgeous as usual ;)

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