Monday, March 28, 2011

Bunny Bunting

I made these peep garlands ages ago and have been waiting till we are closer to Easter to post them. They are from this template.  I used twill ribbon for the yellow and an organza ribbon for the pink. I put the eyes and nose on with brown acrylic paint and a pencil eraser just like the tutorial called for.
I sent the pink one to a certain someone who loves pink and loves Easter decorations. 
Hi Mary:)
I visited Joann's yestderday. I bought a ton of pearl cotton embroidery floss. I love that stuff! I had only about 5 skeins from a year or two ago and needed more. I really like the way it looks. I also bought pom pom makers from Clover. Last night I made 4. The instructions on the package were awful. Really bad and vague. By the 4th one I figured out how to make them fuller and to tie the middle string tighter, etc. They are so cute! I want to do a garland for Bird (my niece). I'll post them someday.


Jessica said...

those are SO cool!! I need an easter garland... but it probably wont happen this year :(

Kelly's Korner said...

Super cute!!!! We love peeps! How's everyone doing?

Anonymous said...

Oh I love the peeps! They are great. OH, no longer have a neice named bird and you know it...she is a teenager now! She gets what she wants or she will roll her eyes at you so call her by her name :) Love you! JennyBean.

Corinnea said...

Now those are peeps I would have in my house... the real ones, not so much. I love them! Lucky Mary!

dana said...

Love your site Jennifer, and especially that header :)
thanks for sharing your photos in the You Made it flickr group. I'm adding one of yours in my roundup tomorrow.
Have a great night!..or day...whatever time it is in Germany :)
- Dana

Melissa said...

So cute!!!
Found your blog through Dana's site. Love it. Noticed you were from California...originally. The weather here has been beautiful lately. Hope Germany is treating you well ;)

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