Friday, March 11, 2011

True that!

 I just had the roughest week! After my last post (last Sunday) I went to bed and woke up at about 1am with stomach cramps. They were (and the repeated vomiting) so bad by lunch time that I asked Jon to come home so I could go to the clinic. I got some anti cramping and anti nausea meds that helped tremendously but I'm STILL recovering. STILL. Holy cow this has totally wiped me out. This is when it sucks to have kids. You still have to take care of them! The things you don't think about when contemplating having kids...And then Ava got it too. Chocolate milk and hot dogs...something I don't ever want to see mixed together again!
I haven't even been able to email much or comment on other blogs. waaahhhhh!
So the only thing I've been able to do while laid up on the couch is the above poster (more on that in a minute) embroidery, and watch movies! I finished Downton Abbey on Itunes and watched Sense and Sensibility on DVD. The one with Kate Winslet. I had never seen that one before and I own it! And I LOVE period movies! I loved Downton Abbey!!!
So anyway, about the poster above. I made this from one of my favorite quotes by Emily. It's modeled after this guy who is now selling his prints at too. I plan on doing a series of them for the kitchen or bathroom. I did this in photo shop and still have much to learn. I just figured out how to squash or stretch text! I need to learn how to space there a ruler or guide thingy in CS5?


Kelly's Korner said...

The poster looks cute! Sooooo sorry about being so sick!!! Was there a bug going around? Ugh. I guess you're feeling better now, but I hope you get all your energy back soon! Poor Ava too!

Heather said...

love your poster idea! i get so mad when i'm sick. your's sounds pretty bad... glad you are on the mend and it's the weekend. enjoy! hope you can rest.

Corinnea said...

Oh. Awful! So sorry you were so sick and that Ava got it too.I just heard of Downtown Abbey and got a few episodes. Need to watch it now.

LOVE your poster.

Keep feeling better!

Anonymous said...

1. Sorry you were sick for so long. I know you weren't feeling well when we spoke last, but sorry that it kept getting worse.

2. Emily is right, boogers are sticky and her poop is poking her. She is wise beyond her years.

3. Snicker, giggle, said PERIOD :)

d-na said...

so sorry u were feeling horrible. but leave it to you to continue to be creative on ur sick bed.

Heidi said...

That sucks! It sounds like the same thing we all had in January! It took a while to travel up to Schweinfurt!

I can't wait to see a poster about "Boobie Jars"!

Jessica said...

That sounds miserable! But your poster is awesome.

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