Friday, March 25, 2011

Don't Forget....

Thanks for all the nice comments about Jon's mom:)  
No knew updates except they postponed her radiation treatment and didn't tell anyone why.

A post I had saved for while I'm gone:

The 2nd in the "Emily Speaks" series. She's brilliant isn't she?
Maybe this should be on the back of the front door for those days I start to walk out the door without a bra.
That's never happened by the way. But there are people with big mammies who do forget!!!
The girls at the store know who I'm talking about!

A couple of weekends ago we went to a birthday party. The weather was so beautiful and with the sun behind Ava she just lit up like an angel:). So the sun does shine here!
This is one of the days she had a blow out. She went under the slide and wouldn't come out. She had that distant, simple-minded look and I couldn't get her attention.
She was busy moving property:)
 When I looked it was coming out her back. I had to change her clothes it was that bad!


Kelly's Korner said...

I love Emily's sayings!

Adrienne said...

I love those Emily-isms! I still love the not-a-rabbit-tail story...

Poor Ava. Blow-outs suck. Is she good about letting you change her, at least?? Elora is on an anti new diaper kick now, so we have to fight her almost every time.

Anonymous said...

Well, the booby jar comment still makes me giggle :) That Emily is genious...genious...genious! The final picture of Ava on this post made me crack up. She looks like an evil genious thinking about how she is going to take over the world. Love you...JennyBean

Corinnea said...

Oh my, booby-jar is one of my all time favs!

Ava is so funny! That look could mean so very many things!

jules said...

Wow, look at Ava's "Johnson scowel"!!! I thought I was looking in the mirror for a second there!

I can think of another person with big mammies, or cylon missles, who unfortunately doesn't forget, she just chooses NOT to wear her boobie jar . . . ewwwwww!!!

Hang in there, and I love you lots!

Jessica said...

I love the second photo! So cute!

Also thanks for finding all of the coolest things for your blog so I can copy them- I tried to add the 'you might also like' feature a few weeks ago using bloggers version (which sucked) so I am so happy you found one that worked under each post! You're awesome!

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