Saturday, January 30, 2010

Another one??

Yes, another one. And actually I have more partially done. I love this pattern and I think they make the best gifts. I wonder what my giveaway will be at the end of February for my blogiversary??
This particular cutie is for Mary A. She received it today so I can now show it. She said it'll be perfect for her makeup.

None of these have the Timtex in them like the pattern calls for. I forgot to insert it at the appropriate time. But the new ones I made have it in them. I wish I had done that with the others. The Timtex helps it keep the box shape.

I love the inside too:)

Our new Knitting/Crochet display. My Auntie Karen's niece Tina made me the Pirate Panda and the kitty for Christmas and Corinnea made the Elephant.

They are hanging in the store because I recently stumbled across the book that they are all made from. What better way to inspire than to have the actual item made up and on display? I never ever thought I'd work retail again after working for Yardage City of San Diego for 9 years but I love my job! I love the creative freedom I have. What will I do if we move in October??? Let's not talk about it:) FYI: my 6 year anniversay at the store is next month...crazy!

It's been snowing a lot here. I think we've have snow on the ground for a month now.

Winter in Germany (actually, anytime of year) is just gorgeous. The snow is what I'm talking about though. It's the snow that makes it like a winter wonderland and these photos do not do it justice!

I finished The Host on Audio book and it was just as good as when I read it. I'm now listening to Snow Flower and the Secret Fan. I may have mentioned before that I will ONLY listen to a book I have read. I cannot stand the thought of missing something because I had to run out of the room or someone talked to me while listening to the book. Is anyone else like this?


insanely crafty said...

love your fabric choices- as always.
I just finished listening to The Host I thought it was great. I exclusively listen to books now... mainly because I have no self control with putting a book down. So listening allows me to do two things at once. I don't have an issue with missing things while listening... that I know of... but I also don't have kids so maybe that is why...

Adrienne said...

I love the display in the shop! You have such a great eye for that sort of thing.

Snow is pretty, when it's white. I love the way it dusts the otherwise bare and ugly skeleton trees and makes them sparkle. But I hate snow, if I have to go out in it. I'm glad you guys are enjoying though!

corinnea said...

I think I love everything about this post.... yup, bag, display, girls, snow, girls in snow. But your new header! That I love love love.

Other Mary =) said...

hanks for your comment Corinnea, I totally missed the new header. REALLY COOL!

I love my new bag sooooooo much. I’ve changed my mind and decided to use it for my on the go sewing tool bag. This way I can show it off and enjoy it while it’s sitting on my desk at home. I love the size, shape, and looks of this bag. It’s perfect!

I love what you did at the shop. The shop is lucky to have had you for 6 years, and hopefully many more =)

Mary H. said...

I saw that you had posted last night, but was just too tired to comment appropiately.
Cool new header!
I like the new bag too, the inside totally completes the look I think. :)
Love those dolls...really makes me want to learn to do that stuff! (How much would I have to pay Corinnea to make an elephant for me! That would make a really good gift for my sister-in-law when she visits- she loves them.)
And oh my gosh the snow...funny how one year we get very little and the next it just piles up and never goes away. I wish I could fully enjoy it this year, but having to shovel and scrape it away, along w/ drive in it to class every other night is NO fun!!
BTW- Emily looks so much younger than she is in the first pic of your previous post, doesn't she?

Anonymous said...

Ok, I have been checking back regularly to see when you are posting and was happy to read a new one. I helps me feel like I am still a part of everything that goes on there. I miss you guys so bad. I find myself hoping you call every saturday or sunday. I really like the bag a lot and think the little animals are CUTE. I don't have anyone to give that stuff to anymore though. Jenny B

lizy said...

OMG!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE your header! These bags are great and the fabric you are using is super cute :) oh yeah, the shop display is amazing, you make me want to crochet everything in that book :)

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