Friday, January 22, 2010

I can show this now..

For Jocelyn. She's opened it already so I can show it.
Jocelyn: did you get your 20 year reunion invite in the mail recently?? Crazy!!! I would only go if you did. But really I would only go if we were in the states at that time..

The pattern is from Jessica's shop just like this one I made for Mary H.

The fabric is Japanese coated cotton and the same fabric as Ava's art smock shown a few posts back but in black.

Mary H. gave me these two Gnome/mushroom ornaments. Her mom was getting rid of them so Mary told her she knew of someone who would love them (and hold them and call them George). She was right! I'm in loooooove! I'm showing them now because I got them after Christmas and JUST took down our Christmas stuff. This is the longest I've ever left it up and I'm OK with that!

Kara: that Dr. Finkelstein in the back is for you:) Not literally but I made sure he was in the back ground for you!

Aren't they cool??


I just finished Lonely Werewolf Girl and loved it even though it was cheesy and actually had many many spelling errors/typos that even I caught!

I'm now reading the White Queen and really like it. I gladly except book recommendations. Except if they are: sci-fi (like Star-treck sci-fi) or cheesy, nasty romance or classics. Mama don't like the classics. Jack Kerouac is stupid.


I'm listening too The Host and I cannot recommend this book enough! I've read it many many months ago and have been listening to it for the past couple of weeks. I find myself wanting to get back to it and find out what happens next even though I already read it! It's just that good and so completely different than her other lesser known books (you may have heard of them? The Twilight series? I'm making myself laugh ...) Anyway, read it if you haven't already!

Just a little video of Ava. My sister wanted me to catch on film her blowing the hair out of her face with her own mouth and I caught a tiny bit of it.


Adrienne said...

Oh, that bag is adorable. And how awesome is it that Mary scored those ornaments for you? Too perfect!

Mary A. said...

I love the bag. The fabric is sooo cool in black and the fabric in the inside is perfect. Super Super Cute!

If reading didn't knock me out, I read your suggestions =)

Ava, too freakin cute! What doesn't that girl do that isn't cute?

Katelyn R. said...

I'm so deeply in love with that bag. I already was when you described it, but the picture just made things so much worse. what a great idea to use the laminate. As for books, sadly the only suggestions I have for you are the classics, because that is what i'm being forced to read. Maybe one day i'll sit and read a book for myself...

Jocelyn Clarin Richards said...

I LOVE the bag - thank YOU so much! I didn't realize it was the same fabric (except in black) as Ava's wonder why I liked that too! Thanks again - I love everything you give me! =) Yes, I got the invitation and wished they had a response box that said, "HELL to the no!" Just kidding....I would consider going, but it's like 2 weeks after my due date, so there's no way. I wonder how they got our addresses? Because I know I didn't give it to anyone on the planning committee!

So "The Host" is good, huh? Maybe I will check that out. You don't like the classics? REALLY? Like all of them, or just a certain time period? I love a lot of American classics, like "The Sun Also Rises" or "Great Gatsby." Every now and then, I try to force myself to read some classics, but I can't go through with reminds me too much of being in school!

Ava is ADORABLE!!! (and so is that other kid of yours!) =^)

insanely crafty said...

cool ornaments! Love the bag (of course). oh and the clock from the last post... I am a little behind!

Mary H. said...

Another cute bag in black! the print is pretty, but I especially like the little red zipper and polkadot lining! I still love mine though! :)
I'm also very glad you do like the ornaments. Things like that can be a hit or a miss with people, if you know what I mean. But if you hadn't taken an interest in them, then I would've just kept them- mainly bc they're my mom's and they're so old...I'd feel bad about getting rid of something SO sentimental, even if I wasn't too into them myself. But again, SO glad I thought of you when I saw them and that you're now able to enjoy them to the fullest. :)
And Ava- Always cute, just like her big sis,ofcourse!

TheBlackForrist said...

i love dr finkelstein... and all the other stuff of course! jealous as usual!

KD Designs said...

The bag is great! Love that fabric! Those are cute ornaments! Perfect for you! I told Rob about the Host after you mentioned it to me. I forgot to rip the other book, so I got to the US without it. :( Maybe I'll just download the Host while I'm here...

Jules said...

That bag is awesome! Thanks for posting the video of Ava - that is so damn cute!!!

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