Saturday, January 9, 2010

Shaun the Sheep

Not today but soon...this is the front of her invitation.

Can you believe she'll be 2?? Two years have gone by since I birthed a watermelon:)


Below are 3 pictures of Shaun the Sheep cakes.
Here's a little preview of Shaun the Sheep if you've never seen the movies.
Our friend Tanya will be making it and I need to choose one before Thursday. She said she doesn't care which one so don't make a judgement on how hard it looks to make.

**#1 shows two different versions of the same cake

**edit: I just added #4 after I posted the other 3 and redid the voter so if you voted already please do it again.
I put a poll counter thingy on the side bar at the very top.

Let me know which is your favorite!

Also, if you have any suggestions for party decorations, etc. that would be great. I'm having black and white balloons..but what else?


And FYI...this is my 300th post!!

I was going to have a giveaway but since my 2nd blogiversary is coming up on February 25th, I'll just have it then!


Mary H. said...

OK First of all, CUTE header and bday invite!:)
Now about the cakes- I don't think I saw them last night when you were looking at them. So, I guess I can say which I like now.
My two faves are the very 1st, with marshmallows on top, and the second with polkadots and flower. I really like how they have the different sized balls for the body. Not sure if those are re-shaped marshmallows or shapable frosting, but it's awesome! :) Good luck, I'm sure what she makes will look so cute and be just as delicious!

lizy said...

The invitation is adorable and Love your new header. Can't believe she is turning two!!!!! I like cake #2, but they are all really cute.

Anonymous said...

2 because of the body and legs, but 3 because of the fatness :) We all know that Ava is my little butterball and I will cook her and eat her. I know giving you two is not much help but I couldn't make up my mind...sorry. Jenn

Anonymous said...

Oh and I love the invites, but I wish you had written "somebody needs to tell people its my birthday." :) Of course then I guess you and I would have been the only ones who knew what it was about...Jen

corinnea said...

Love your header.

Love Ava.

Love the second cake.

d-na said...

number TWO!
that's the cake and the birthday!
and you could do pretty little (inexpensive) daisies (like on the cake) along with the black and white balloons

Heidi said...

Love the invitation! I voted for cake no. 2 but I really like 4 as well. It looks like 2 is the most popular!

We're looking forward to the party and hope myself and Sienna are healthy by then!

insanely crafty said...

Ok I can't vote with my opinion so here it is. I think cake number two with cake 1's the top ones face.
The invite is hysterical I LOVE IT! The new header is adorable.

Mary A. said...

I loved the invites. You always do a great job with these; they'll be great keepsakes for the girls. I love #2; the little flower could be Ava's special cake that she could dig into with those oh so cute little fingers. Oh man I can't wait to see those girls.

KD Designs said...

Love the header! Love the cakes! Love the baby! Whoops, not a baby anymore! :) I voted for cake #2 but was torn between #2 and #3. I'm not crazy about the legs, but I love the body and the little mini cake on the side! :)

pearlswirl said...

I think I was the only one to vote for Cake one. I liked the second version of Cake one best, but of course none of them is uhhgly. i LOVE that invitation. Her expression is priceless. I always wonder, do parents wait around with a camera at the ready for their kids to make such adorable faces or does it just happen when they know they're on camera? Do they realize it at that age yet, or are their faces always so adorable/hilarious????

Jennifer said...

Thanks to those that voted so far!!But I think I must explain something.....#4 looks EXACTLY like Shaun. EXACTLY. He's skinny, he has a long skinny tale. #2 doesn't look like him except that it is the same color. If I can have #2 but that looks like shaun...Kind of like what Jess said. And Jenny: I loved #1 the best till I found #4. I can ask Tanya to put a daisy where #4's package is. I still have time to decide. Oh, I can also ask to have shauns body out of marshmallow like #2. What does everyone think?
Thanks for the invite love! Jenny: I just happen to catch Ava like that. I took about 10 photos and these two are the only ones of her looking up:)

Adie said...

I like both 2 and 3, but they're all cute!! My only stipulation, if it were my decision, would be *no fondant*. It's pretty, and it makes some gorgeous cakes, but it tastes nasty. So yeah...if #4 looks most like Shaun, then do that one!They're all really cute.

PS: I love your header and your invites! So cute!

insanely crafty said...


TheBlackForrist said...

exactly like you explained... like #4 but with marshmallows and the daisy... that's a perfect combo and would blow all the others out of the water!

I am in love with the birthday invite, and no I can't believe she's 2, it's nuts!

Sandy said...

I want to give my daughter a Shaun the sheep party as well. She will be 2 in March. I have had a really hard time finding ANYTHING Shaun the Sheep. Do you have any tips or websites that you can share? :D
It is such a cute & funny show-we love it in our house! :D

Anonymous said...

I have to say that I like #4. That is Shaun to a T! I am doing 2 Shaun the Sheep cakes and I want them to be just like #4.

Anonymous said...

Oh and I see from reading all the posts that you already mentioned that #4 looks just like him. =) Still gotta love #4!

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