Saturday, January 19, 2013

Ode to Bavaria

My ode to Bavaria is a big giant Bretzel (as they call it in German). I LOVE pretzels but who doesn't? And over here they are delicious. So different than American pretzels. And Germans make all kinds of versions: sticks, croissants, rolls, etc. All out of pretzel. The pretzel symbol is one of my favorite things here. You see it everywhere. At Oktoberfest it was on earrings, phone charms, necklaces (which I had to get me one!) and so many other things. I had been looking for a unique something to put on my front door when one day we passed a Bavarian shop full of Bavarian things and they had huge giant pretzels in the window hanging by the easily recognizable Bavaria/Oktoberfest ribbon (see here). I had to have them! The shop owner said they were not for sale but I could have the baker two doors down make them for me. So I did and at only 4 euro each! And now a few days later of them drying out and me shellacking the crap out of them with spray varnish, they are ready to hang! I just need to get some blue and white check ribbon and I'm set. I had two made just in case one breaks or doesn't preserve well.
The chalk board banner has been up since before Christmas (posted about it here). And a couple of weeks ago I decided to make it look nicer by printing out parrishplatz and some stars on printer paper, taping it to the banner and shading it in with regular chalk. Then I took off the template and filled it in with a Chalk pen. It's still looks really messy and not curved and just overall bad but so much better than me free-handing it! I will continue to perfect it but it's ok for right now. I do hate the seem in the middle of the banner but I don't know yet how to make projects bigger than 12".
I love it!


Kelly's Korner said...

I LOVE German pretzels! It's my favorite part of the morning - butter pretzel and coffee. We're you here when they finished the food court renovation? We have a Sehne bakery across from the shop now and it's great! I love your front door! The pretzel is a great idea!

Corinnea said...

How fun! I do miss the pretzels there. I like your banner a lot. Stop pointing out what you think are flaws! It's all awesome. Keep being inspiring!!!

Katelyn R. said...

Is it okay that all I can say is that the pretzel is really cute but I miss you more? Do you know where you are moving yet? Please let it be the east coast.

Jessica said...

Your front door cracks me up ESP the flamingo!!!
I'm with mom don't point out flaws! I didn't notice until you said something!
The bretzel is do cool! I want one- to hang and to eat!!
I keep wondering how to do larger things too. I thought I'd seen somewhere that you could but they don't sell larger cutting mats let me know if you figure it out

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