Monday, January 16, 2012

Everything is better when it's clean

So where would you put this fabulous vinyl decal if you had one?? On your nieces* bathroom door of course! Kids these days are too busy texting and practising being indifferent to everyone and everything and hiding behind their hair trying to look cute so I had to help her out; she might forget! I made this on my FABULOUS Silhouette machine! I LOVE it and it's super easy to figure out. I have not tried to do my own design yet so that might be hard but so far I have made a banner and I made sparkly letter tags for everyone's presents. I then had to pack it back up and send it home. I did have some trouble with the vinyl and how it cut. I think I had the blade set to high because it tried to eat it in places. I lost the part of the N that connects to the A because of that. I took these two photos with my point and shoot since I broke my lenses and they are terrible! Not even focused!

*Bird, my niece, is really Jon's niece but we're married so I feel she is my niece. Can I say that? Or do I have to say she's Jon's niece?

Below is a little collage from our visit home this Christmas.
1. Uncle Steve and the girls tracking Santa Christmas eve (how cool is that website??)
2. Uncle Steve again (sorry Jules) with Emily at Disneyland on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. She was TERRIFIED.
3. Bird our niece with Ava sleeping on her.
4. Christmas morning at my parents house. Santa brought them the stuff in front of the fireplace. Our Santa puts some things out unwrapped for the kids to see 1st thing when they come in the room. Does anyone else do this? My dad did this for us and us kids loved it. One year (correct me if I'm wrong Jules) "Santa" put a tent up in the living room for my brother.
5. My sister, me and the girls at Disneyland. It was CROWDED. Never ever go the week after Christmas.  NEVER. That is their busiest time of the year. I've been to Disneyland so many times I've lost count and have never seen it like it was December 27-28th. I still had the best time with my sister and her husband.

I have to point out the length of my bangs in the photo above. They were so long I could put them behind my ear. But since I got them caught in a round brush and spent an hour with my niece Bird trying to get the brush out with baby oil and conditioner and then just cutting the brush out then just cutting my hair out, I now have shorty bangs. Shorter than Emily's as in when dry they come down to mid forehead. It was awful! I would show a picture but I'm not sure I want to see myself in a photo with those bangs. I've been trying to ignore them.
*It was this kind of round brush. Not that brand just that kind of round brush (not this kind which I would have been able to get out). Not even my brush. Why oh why did I even pick it up?? 


Kelly's Korner said...

Love the vinyl! My teen would be WAY too embarrassed to have that anywhere in our house. In fact, she found some girlie deodorant the other day and flipped out! Hahaha! Santa used to bring big stuff when I was a kid, but he doesn't really do that at our house. Sorry about your hair! The good news is it grows! :)

jules said...

In regard to teenager's indifference, too cool for you, etc., all I have to say is . . . Awkward!

Yes, I think of Bird as your niece. I call Ally and Shelby my nieces.

Didn't your secret santa get you a new camera lense???

Yes, you're right, Santa did put up a tent for Jeff one year in the living room. Do you remember the Christmas Santa had a phone jack installed in my room, and on Christmas Day when we were in the living room, we could hear a phone ringing in my room. Santa was so creative and thoughtful!

I was wondering what kind of round brush attacked your hair. I had a problem with the same type of round bursh, too, and Steve had to help me get it out of my hair. I threw the brush away.

The pictures are great! Miss you and the girls so much!!

Margaret said...

When I was growing up we never made distinctions between aunts and uncles that were blood related and the in-law ones. So, I consider my brother-in-law's daughter to be my niece, too.

I HATE round brushes! I think I had to cut one out before, too. I avoid them like the plague, lol. Or maybe it was one of those curling iron brush things...I hate them both.

Corinnea said...

Santa always left us our presents unwrapped for Xmas morning.
I think the sign is hilarious.
Of course she's your niece too.
I knew what kind of brush attacked your hair before I looked... same thing happened to me but thankfully not in my bangs..... sorry.....

Vicky said...

Funny vinyl. Love it. x

Katelyn R. said...

I love that vinyl. So funny. I want to see how your silhoutte works! You make me want one too. Sorry about your bangs. If it makes you feel better mine are stupid looking too. I watch another Zooey Deschanel movie and end up cutting my bangs. I do it every time. I should ban myself from her.

Jessica said...

The vinyl is hysterical- but what did your niece think of it? There is no way I would have been down with that as a teenager! But maybe it's because I had brothers and there were always a ton of people at our house?!
I never made a distinction between blood vs. married family growing up but now when I refer to people in Matts family I never feel right saying they are 'my __whatever__'. I think you are ok doing that I just always feel weird!

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