Monday, January 9, 2012

Cookie cutters

I know this post is not very interesting but I wanted to show the dinosaur cookie cutters Mary A. gave the girls for Christmas. They LOVE them. We've used them on pancakes and pizza dough.
 Thanks Mary:)
Also, these angel wings on the back of this chair. This was from the restaurant we ate at for Thanksgiving. How cute and easy is this?? I think I would do them to fit the whole back of the chair as opposed to one side.
We fly back home.
Sad to go.*
But SO happy to see Jon.
*I will miss you Target:(
oh, and my family too:)


Corinnea said...

Cool cookie cutters! Nice find Mary!

The wings are interesting. Yes, across the whole back of the chair would be interesting....

Have a safe trip!

Margaret said...

I always get myself in trouble at Target! It's so hard not to buy all the cute stuff!

Have a safe and uneventful flight. I hope the girls do well :-)

Katelyn R. said...

ooo, those cookie cutters are cute, she was so proud to get that package off. but she is a better person than I am... that angel wings are a cute idea. Can't wait to see how you do them!

Kelly's Korner said...

Those are clever! Bet the girls love them!

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