Monday, January 2, 2012


My new e-reader cover! Why yes it is just like my other one but then I got a new case that comes with a light and it's bigger so I had to make a new one.. I've been meaning to make this new one for months and months. I finally did it. Yahoo! **I made this right before we flew to America and then my reader is now kaput. So I just got the Sony PRS-T1 (for $99 at Best Buy). I will now need to make a cover for that one. I love this new one though. LOVE it!
Happy New Year! I thought I would blog more since my Internet is faster here but that didn't happen. One thing that did happen is...Jon is home (as in Germany home) from  Afghanistan!! For good! But I'm here in San Diego. Boo! Not boo to my family here but boo to us being apart for the holidays. I knew he was coming home early for about a month or two before but couldn't say anything for obvious security reasons and we already had tickets to San Diego months and months ago so no matter what we were going to be apart for Christmas. We did have a nice Christmas. The girls had a barbie Christmas. Wait till you see the ginormous vintage barbie house i scored at a garage sale just days before Christmas. I have already dismantled it and it's ready to ship out Tomorrow. "Santa" brought the house to my in-laws for Christmas morning and he also brought some new furniture (from Target) to  my parents house for them on Christmas morning. Emily asked someone why Santa would bring a house missing some windows and doors. I told her Santa sometimes brings things other kids don't need anymore. That he switches out new things for old things and this is vintage (which went over her head)! Oh my god, I just found a picture of it by typing in "huge plastic vintage barbie house" into google! So here it is:
I forgot to take a photo of it before taking it apart.

Ours is missing the flower beds and some other minor things. Is this not the coolest? I had the best barbie house ever. My dad made it and it was huge. It had so many rooms and carpeted it from discarded carpet samples and we used wood grain printed contact paper for at least one of the rooms walls. I loved it and wished we had kept it.
When it arrives home and I can get it back together, I'll take a photo of it with all the furniture. I might try and make curtains and put some carpet down.


kristin said...

love the etch-a-sketch cover! that's awesome. so glad your husband is "home," too! happy new year!

Kelly's Korner said...

Love the etch-a-sketch! So glad Jon is home safely! Santa left a note at our house explaining why Ethan got a used video game. Apparently the elves had been using it as a tester... :) I knew someone who had that same dollhouse. But mine was more like yours! I made it out of plastic shelves and leftover pieces of linoleum and carpet from the house my parents built. Too bad Haven didn't play with dolls... I think Ikea shelves would have made a killer doll house! Haha!

Jessica said...

That sucks about your e-reader! mainly the part about just finishing the cover... the getting a new one part is great! I am in the same situation with cameras... except mine wasn't old and the boy got a hold of it... oh well I guess it's just money.... definitely wish we had gotten a little more use out of it though!
The barbie stuff looks like fun! I never had them growing up but I did have a doll house... most of the time GI Joes used it but I still loved it!
Used toys... I will have to remember that for Micah! We skipped Christmas for him which was good because the family more then over whelmed him with gifts!

Corinnea said...

Your covers are so cute! Sorry your reader died. Glad you get to make another cover ;-)

Cool doll house! We built one for Jess from a kit and painted it to look like the house we were living in. Poor girl, she only had the sunshine family.

Glad you all will be back together soon!

Woodland Woolens said...

Big love!!! Super cute post!!

Samantha (Woodland Woolens)

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