Monday, January 30, 2012

That explains A LOT

 Poor poor Gram just wants to explain but can't figure out how to do it. She knows no one will ever understand...Cheesy, I know.
But aren't they cute? I love these kinds of dolls. I made this back in November and then sent it off to little Mimi for Christmas. The pattern is from mmmcrafts and she now has the Little Red pattern which she didn't have back when I got his one.
Grammy is made from linen, cotton and wool felt.
Wolfie is made from cotton and wool felt.
I had to order the eyes on ebay as I didn't have those sizes.
I always line my doll pieces that call for linen or cotton so the seams are nice and sturdy.
I just finished reading Incendiary and LOVED it. Really cool and unique book. I had read Little Bee by the same person and loved it. Loved it Love it. I had no idea what either was about. I don't like to read too much of the backs of books; I want to be surprised.


Adrienne said...

Too funny! Oh Lord, but that was funny. The reversible doll is adorable! I swear everything you make is perfect!

Kelly's Korner said...

love the note from Gram! Did you come up with that? Hilarious! The scene auditioning... haha! Very cool doll! Your stuff always looks so professional!

jules said...

I love the doll and the note made me laugh out loud!

I'm on the 2nd Hunger Games, and I can't put it down. Same as you, I don't like knowing what a book is about before I read it.

I heart u!

Jessica said...

oh dear the note is so funny! I Love the doll, you always find the coolest things to make! I had one of the skirt flip over ones don't remember where I got it from or where it went to but they crack me up!

Corinnea said...

Hilarious! I agree with Jess, you find the coolest things to make.

Vicky said...

It no suprise that Granny was gettin gup to mischief with the wolf, living out in the woods all by herself... Lol. Great job on the doll.

Jocelyn Clarin Richards said...

This doll is so amazing. I absolutely love it! Mimi isn't allowed to touch it until she can do so with respect. :-) Thanks again!

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