Friday, May 27, 2011

So not me

This fabric is SO NOT ME but it's my friend Connie's most favorite print (or any animal print really). She has a 1.5 year old named Lily and when I saw this fabric (it's waterproof, bought on etsy) I got excited because I had been wanting to make her something but I don't have any animal print fabric. Connie has had a very bad couple of months with her husband being down range and BOTH her cars pooping out on her. I think this cheered her up a little:)

Oh Ava Ava Ava. How can you be so cute, so evil, so sweet and so funny all at the same time?
I'm going back to San Diego for the summer!
Me and the girls will spend the summer enjoying our family and helping with Jon's mom as much as we can.
I need some book recommendations...


Anonymous said...

JennyBean suggests the A Game of Thrones. You can get it on the ebook in a bunlde of all four books in the series. It's about 3500 pages for all book total. I loved the first one.

Margaret said...

How long will you be in San Diego??? We are going to be there the 15-22 of August for my brother's wedding!!! That would be so awesome to see you again!

I wish I had a book recommendation for you, that would mean I have read a good book lately. I need something to read, too.

Isn't it amazing how little girls who are so cute can be so difficult! Elizabeth is going to be my drama queen. Hhhhmmm, maybe it's a second child thing...

Heather said...

hi! i'm so excited for your trip! yay!

Books: The Hunger Games (series) I devoured these books! They're YA and so addictive, but deal with war, so not sure what you'll think
The Help - heard so many recommendations for this one. I'm in the middle of it right now and it is good
Stiff - Weird but strangely intriguing - the author also has two other books that are supposed to be juicy as well
The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society - a best seller and great story about different kinds of people.
The Sweet Life in Paris - about food and living abroad.


Adrienne said...

The bib is cute! Have fun in Cali with the family. :)

Fine Hand said...

the bib is sweet..i know what you mean about fabric that isn't "you" ..i made my daughter a horse fabric top! that was not my choice..hers!

Jessica said...

Sorry I haven't written you back-- we just got back into town and I am not sorted out yet! I'm not having issues though so unfortunately I can't really help.
I like your disclaimer its how I felt about the Eagles project!
I hope you have a good time in san diego (as good as you can)

Jennifer said...

thanks for the book recommendations!

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