Tuesday, May 3, 2011

chickadilla (and when it rains..)

Another Ditty bag by Keyka Lou. This is actually the 1st one I made. I made the turtle one after holding this one in my palm upside down thinking, this looks like a turtle on it's back. I don't know what the fabric is except I think I got it from fabrics galore on etsy. And for size reference, it holds a pack of tissues, cell phone and chapstick. Probably a little more like I.D. cards too. I love these bags!
*Chicadilla (the post title) is what Ava calls Quesadillas.
I had to show my latest accident because when it rains it pours:) Yesterday I was carrying in a huge flat awkward 40 pound box (that had unassembled lawn furniture in it). I tripped over a brick and went flying. I landed so hard I could see out of the corner of my eyes, my feet fly up behind me. I hit my thigh as you can see above (although you can't really see how bad the bulging bruise really is) and my other knee slammed into the box too. I slowly got up and went and got the neighbor to bring it the rest of the way in. I wanted to cry sooo bad but I didn't want to be crazy lady next door sobbing and pathetic. My whole body is sore and I feel all of my 39.5 years:) That's it though. No more injury posts because I'm done getting hurt!
Oliver + S Music Class blouse giveaway next post. I swear!


Jessica said...

People are going to think your an abuse victim if you keep this up! I'm sending nice happy thoughts your way.

I love that pouch you always find the most adorable fabrics!

Corinnea said...

Cute pouch!
Cute girls!
Painful leg!

Like Jess, I'm sending good, happy thoughts your way.

jules said...

Oh, jenny! I feel for you! Yes, lots of happy thoughts your way!!

I just love the pouch!!!

Anonymous said...

Like the pouch, loved the turtle...it was my favorite. As for the getting hurt, KNOCK IT OFF. That being said as you know the only times in my life that I have ever locked my keys in the car were the times when Michael was away. Given a chance, Murphy's lawa always kicks my arse :) LY,

Fine Hand said...

that has got to be THE cutest little pouch i have seen! so sweet!

Kelly's Korner said...

Pouch cuuute
Babies cuuute
Falling ... not so much. I fell the other day and tore my knee all up (again) and my self-made linen pants. Boo. But my feet did not fly in the air. I hope it feels better really fast!

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