Thursday, February 17, 2011

Shower Gift

My sister asked me to make a baby shower gift for a friend of hers.. and this is what I suggested.
I'm telling you people, this top is EASY! I used the left overs from the yard I made Ava's top out of. So you can get a 5t and a 12-18 month size out of 1 yard!

The pants are Bed Time Story pj pants.

I did a lettuce edge hem on the sleeves, pant hem and shirt hem with my serger.

Below are two things I have saved to my computer and I thought I'd share.
Inspiration corner from odeedoh. I want to do this!!

I LOVE this pillow! It's from I could so make that for the girls room!
I'm listening to the The Generals Daughter on my IPOD and reading the Fall of Giants. I read The General's Daughter years ago and loved it. I never saw the movie with John Travolta because I just figured it was bad. I like listening to it on audio except the guy reading it is annoying. He reads it like a guy from the 50's. A guy who would say "see ya later doll". Oh I know, he sounds like the guy from the Twilight Zone. Hard to explain and no I don't hate the way all books are read, there have been many where I really liked the readers voice. But there have been so many where i do a lot of eye-rolling while listening.
I borrowed the Fall of Giants for my ereader from the army online library. How cool is that???


Corinnea said...

Your plumber wears diapers???

Man I love those tops! I need to just go ahead, make one, and get it out of my system... It's going to be the best gift!

That is VERY cool that you can borrow books for your e reader.

See ya later doll!

Anonymous said...

I really like the pajamas and I think the recipient will love them. I know I would anyway :) I read Fall of Giants when it first came out. I really liked it even though it is nothing like the other two of his that i have read. I can't wait for the second one in the trilogy. As for the borrowing from the library, I do it all the time here. I am so glad you can do that there as well. Love, Jen

restitcherator said...

Your pajamas are fantastic. I love the color combination and lettuce edge.

Kelly's Korner said...

Love the pjs! Especially the lettuce edge. We got in some of that fabric - the quilting cotton.

Jessica said...

love the pjs!
Great inspiration pic for the books I totally saved it! I like how they have them arranged too it totally makes it!

jules said...

I LOVE the pj's, and so does Steve!!!! The color combo is so pretty, and I love where you put the label on the top. It is so cute!! Our friend's will love it!

I love the comment "your plumber wears diapers", - too funny!

The General's Daughter reminds me of you. I remember when we both read that - such a good book!

Ruth said...

Such a wonderful, one-of-a-kind baby gift. Beautiful work.

jules said...

We went to the baby shower last weekend, and the pj's and the diaper/wipe holder both got a lot of oooh's and awe's when they opened them. Steve was so proud of them, that he called the husband over (it was a couples shower) and told him the significance of the pj', that they were "commissioned" for them :), how you make baby clothes and accessories, etc. It was very sweet. The husband and wife truly appreciated both items! Thanks, Jenny, you should be so proud of your work . . . I know I am!!

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