Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Have a nice day!

I almost forgot I have a blog! How can that be?? I'm not even doing anything exciting.
It's TOO COLD HERE! And the sun DOESN'T SHINE HERE! So we know I'm not outside!

But enough complaining. I wanted to show off the cutest poster ever! I saw this on someone else's blog (I don't have the link anymore since we reformatted my computer) a loooong time ago and had to have it. The funny thing about this poster is where it comes from. This is the store and it's in England.  You have to click on it to see the name and then come back:) Some of my coworkers already know this story but I'll tell it any way because it still makes me laugh at my own stupidity.

 I was at work on a very boring Thursday night and remembered this poster and wanted to see if it was still available. Well I couldn't remember the name....only the 1st part. So I stupidly typed "p***y store" in to the search engine ON THE WORK COMPUTER and hit the search button. It took about 2 seconds to realize I just tried to search for a "p***y store" on a government computer and how was I going to convince everyone that I wasn't searching for porn???? I almost had a heart attack trying to cancel and get off the Internet! No one showed up at the store and as far as I know, no one filed a complaint (who knows how much they monitor those computers??). What an idiot huh? Another funny thing was when I called the store and the lady who answered said the name of the store like it was nothing in a British accent. I would have been giggling and turning red EVERY time I answered the phone if I was her.

I cut Ava's hair (yeah, I cut it. I was lazy and didn't want to take her to get it done professionally) about a week ago and all the curls are gone. Remember this picture (scroll down to the curls and back fat)?  There goooone!! I wonder if she'll have some later..

I meant to post this picture of Mary's cake pops in Nicolas's hands but I forgot. Sorry Mary! So here they are. She did the most amazing job! Seriously Mary, you really did me proud:)

And how she brought them to his school was even cute! 


Kelly's Korner said...

I hadn't heard the search story!!! That is pretty funny!!! No, no one came to hunt you down. I guess you were safe THAT time! :) Haven's curls didn't come back, unfortunately. Maybe Ava's will. Mary's cake pops were so cool! And that's the first time I've seen the bucket. HOW FLIPPIN COOL IS THAT?!?! Love it!

Corinnea said...

Very funny story!

Oh man, Ava looks so big!

Mary's cards and bucket are fantastic!

Jessica said...

That is awesome... have you heard of Dick's sporting store? I always forget to add the sporting store part when I search for it... terrible name!
I can't believe all of the curls are gone! I know it had to happen someday she looks so grown up now!

jules said...

Wow, Ava looks so cute!

That P***y story is too funny!

I LOVE Mary's cards and bucket.

TheBlackForrist said...

Haha, like in Arrested Development when the Brittish actress calls her soldier a p***y... hahaha.

Oh NO! I can't even imagine if Silas looses his curls...

MARY! I love them, seriously, super job!

Mary A. said...

So glad I took a break from the never ending homework to check out your blog =)

I'm sooooo sad Ava's curls are gone. She's still too freaking cute!

Oh, BTW saw the new picture of the girls on facebook. Awesome! Emily looks beautiful no matter what, but your photography is amazing. Someone asked who took the amazing picture of Nicolas at the store today =) Made me miss you!

Back to school =( This breif brake never happened!

Mary A said...

FYI, I meant brief. They really need a spell check option on this thing.

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