Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Kokeshi x 6

*look away from the dust and don't judge:)*
Jon's new Kokeshi dolls from me for Valentine's day (the 3 on the right) The 2 farthest left we got in San Diego at an antique store (it's in Ocean Beach and they have a ton of that vintage Pyrex stuff that's all the rage). The store is one Jon and I LOVE and always visit when we visit home.And the one in the middle (in yellow) is from my sister-in-law Jessica.
I had to show the boy kokeshi doll! He's got a wedgie and boobies!

This was a rare day where I caught the sun for about 5 seconds because 
the sun does not shine in Schweinfurt:(

I think everyone is having a horrible winter and can't wait for sun
(you heard right, I said I can't wait for the sun!). Am I right?


Adrienne said...

Happy Valentine's day! BRING ON THE SPRING!

Corinnea said...

Love them!! What a fun collection.

Ava is gorgeous!

And yes, you have it right. It's even cold here and I'm over it.

Margaret said...

Was someone guest blogging again?? You miss the sun??? Must have been someone else! lol!

Mary A. said...

LOVE the new header. I don't know which I like better, the but crack or the baby toes.

The dolls are cute, the boy one is my favorit.

Ava looks so happy in that picture! She has such a pretty smile!

Kelly's Korner said...

The header is cracking me up! And then backside of doll too?! Hilarious! The dolls are really cool! So is Ava's smile! She is growing up so fast. I miss you guys!!!

(You know I've been dying for the sun since last October or so...)

TheBlackForrist said...

HAhahah, crack! I was just working on some Silas butt pics today! I love the collection, they look so cute all together!

Anonymous said...

Uh oh...I see someone's quarter slot :) I love the dolls, but cannot pick a favorite. It was sunny here in our area of california for about three days. I loved it. The girls and I went on several walks to enjoy the weather. We woke up monday to rain and cold...darn I guess it's still winter. JennyBean

Jessica said...

I don't know I go back and forth on the weather... I feel very lazy right now so the cold doesn't make me feel bad about the laziness!
Love the dolls!
Ava is too cute!

jules said...

"Butt crack, butt crack, 1-2-3 . . ."

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