Friday, November 19, 2010

Two owls, a fish and one polka dot

More wool felt ornaments from the Fa La La La Felt Book.
I don't even know why I'm making so many ornaments. It's probably becasue they are so easy, they are cute and quick. Instant (sort of instant) gratification.

I really wanted to do the hood over the owl eyes (they show it on the pattern) but I could not for the life of me figure out how. It's not a pattern piece but rather instructions saying "cut two half circles and put them over the eyes". I did that and it didn't work!  I might have had the eyes spaced to far apart....
Maybe when Katelyn and Laura get their books they can figure it out and email me:)
*aren't those eyes awesome?? They are old buttons and I think those are the only ones I have like it.

The fish is also from the book. I had such a hard time with his "scales". There are not really any instructions on that either. It just says to embellish as you want or something like that. I had to look up how to do that stitch (1st trying to find out what that stitch is even called becasue it doens't say it in the pattern). I have to say though that I bought this book when it was hot off the press as an e-book so they may have changed some things after hearing customers complain:) 


Look at this idea!!! oh man this is cute! And it would be sooo easy!
You don't have to sew to make fabric decals you know....And if you have access to a die cut machine (that was for my sister and Jenny B who are teachers)...

Here's a close up of the circle. the edges are barely frayed and the only reason mine has some pulled threads is becasue when I cut it I didn't cut all the way through in that area when cutting my circle.  I used steam-a-seam, then using a large circle template, cut out a circle. I then peeled off the paper backing, put the circle on the wall and ironed directly on the wall. So far it's not fallen off and doesn't feel or look like it's going to fall off. I've had it up there for 5 days now. I just took it off and it left only a tiny residue in one spot and I was able to scrap that off with my nails. So I think this is how I'll do it!

Did you notice the watermark on my photos?? I stumbled upon this tutorial and found it easy to do even though it's for Photoshop Elements and I have Photoshop CS5 and the buttons are different! It made me search and now I know my program a little better.
Emily stayed home yesterday after throwing up on the bus Wednesday. Ava had a temperature of 102 on Wednesday and yesterday was soooooo horribly cranky. We put the girls in strollers and went for a long walk with them super bundled up. Ava fell asleep and when we got home we woke her up. She was so CRAZY and unreasonable. She wanted her shoes, socks, fleece lined overalls, puffy coat, mittens and beanie left on (inside the house) and when her beanie would start to slide off she would scream. When her shoes fell off she screamed. It was a nightmare:) you couldn't pick her up or touch her. She literally laid face down on the living room floor screaming for I don't know how long. This is so typical of her. If she's in a pissy mood don't touch anything! Don't move anything! I moved her doll house from one side of the living room to the other while she was having this fit and she screamed to put it back (that was pretty funny)! Yesterday was a rough one:) But I did make chocolate chip muffins for us and the bus driver. I put peanut butter chips and piped peanut butter frosting into the middle of them but not for the bus driver. She's german and germans for the most part don't like peanut butter.


Kelly's Korner said...

The owls are so cool! I love the eyes! And the fish is cute too! Iron on decals is interesting! I'm looking forward to your followup to see how long they stay on. So nothing peeled off either when you removed it? Very cool. I think I may try it. The liquid starch always put me off because of the mess.

Sorry the girls were sick. Poor babies. I hope they are well soon. Germans don't like peanut butter because they don't make it like Americans. American peanut butter is loaded with sugar. German peanut butter is the natural stuff. I can't remember any situations where I have fed peanut butter to a German so I can't say if they like ours or not.... anyway, it was sweet of you to bake for her and I bet she really appreciated it.

corinnea said...

Keep making your felt lovelies! I like your instant gratification too even though you make me feel like a toad! ha ha

The circles are fantastic. Genius!!!! Now I want to do them.

So sorry the kids are feeling bad. How you were able to bake or do anything..... on unreasonable days like that I am not sure I ever got anything done. Hope they are better today.

insanely crafty said...

You cAn never have to many ornaments especially when they're so cute!
Love the steamaseam tip I want to paste things on my walls now!

Mary A. said...

Wow, love the owls!!!!! So Cute, my favorite yet. Can't wait to see what you do next.

Ava is so much like Nicolas. He would have the same fits like Ava and they were always related to sleep. You couldn't even talk to him. I feel for you!!!!!!!

PS Nicolas was in one of those terrible moods all yesterday! He now screams ow while I'm holding his hand outside and smiles at the same time. You could see people looking out their windows. Where do they learn these things?

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