Monday, November 8, 2010

ein Weihnachtsbaum ist gut, but 6 are better!

More lovelies from the Fa la la la Felt book. I used wool felt from achildsdream. Oh wait, I didn't, I used the felt I got from a German store ..I went with Corinnea and have no idea where it was. A Childs Dream doesn't have some of the colors. I'm going to try some felt from heather Baily's site. it's wool and bamboo. It sounds nice but I've been fooled before! I used stuffing for most of the tree and then added plastic pellets in the bottom. The tallest is 7" tall and about 4.5 around.

 A "mug rug" from Kelly. isn't it CUUUTE?? I guess these are the big thing right now in blogland. I had  never heard of them until Kelly gave me this then I started noticing them on blogs. genius! Although I can tell you exactly how they came about. Someone was drinking coffee in her sewing room and spilled or left a ring of coffee on a pattern. She looked around and saw a mini quilt and thought " duh!! Finally a use for that tiny quilt!". or something like that.... it's genius either way.
 You know someone likes you when they cut into their much coveted stack (and I really mean yards and yards) of Celebrate Spring by Sandy Gervais for Moda. Heidi made this 1/2 yard bundle for me. She LOVES this line. In fact she bought out Sandy Gervais herself from her blog. I made this quilt, and this quilt and this mini out of the fabric a long time ago. Thank you Heidi:)
*I wish I had a pictures of the quilts Heidi and Mary A. have made using this line...that's a hint to send pictures so I can post them:)

The other night I made some chicken that required me to cook it in a skillet and then put the whole skillet in the oven to cook further. I took the skillet out with an oven mitt but then grabbed it a couple of seconds later without the oven mitt. I burned my hand VERY bad. It was excruciating and my hand was throbbing. I immediately got online and searched for some way to make it better. I found a site that said to wrap it in aluminum foil. WTF? So I did it. Like people said on the site, your burn (in this case my palm and fingers) will get really hot and hurt worse but then it will stop. It didn't stop hurting while I wore my foil mitt but did stop after I took it off, about 15 minutes of wearing it. And since then I've had NO pain, no blisters no nothing but some dry skin where the worst of the burns was. Either my burn was never really that bad or the foil thing actually worked. Anyone ever heard of this???


Adrienne said...

Ouch! Burns really suck. That aluminum foil thing sounds pretty crazy...I'd think it would hold the heat in. But maybe, since it conducts heat well, it helps to pull the heat out of the burn?

Those felt Christmas trees are adorable, by the way. You make the cleverest things. :)

Anonymous said...

I really like the Christmas trees. My favorite animal on them is the cute! As for the tin foil thing, I have never heard of it but I am amazed that it worked. I enjoyed talking to you yesterday and wish the phone had not cut out. Love you :) Jen

kms handmade said...

sechs SIND besser! gute idea!! :)

We were talking about you and the felt book today. Laura C. ordered herself one and her and Katelyn were talking about it. Anywho, I'm enjoying all your posts about it.

I've never heard of the tin foil trick! That's really interesting. Sorry you burned yourself though!

Jessica said...

Love the trees! I am so ready to decorate for Christmas- forget thanksgiving! I'll have to remember the foil trick I'm sure I'll burn myself sometime in the next 2 months!

Margaret said...

I would never have thought of using foil on a burn! Glad it worked for you! The trees are awesome! Christmas is my favorite time to decorate. Only a few more weeks! The mug rug is such a great idea. I have been using the circles left over from cutting the neck hole in my bibs. But that is way cuter!!

Corinnea said...

So sorry about your hand!! OUCH!

The trees are darling! You know what is better than 6?.... 12!

Good job on the German!

Love the coffee mug mat. Very clever miss Kelly!

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