Thursday, November 25, 2010

only the best fudge ever!!

oh my, this has to be the best chocolate & peanut butter fudge ever! And I made it. I've never made fudge before and i really must pat myself on the back because this stuff is the BOMB. Jenny B makes the best chocolate fudge and I will forever be grateful to her and her fudge when I was in the hospital after having Ava. She brought me a big tub full and I think I ate it all. But this is the best peanut butter and chocolate fudge! Here's the recipe and I didn't alter it one bit! Even bought parkay like she suggested.

Yes, this is more projects from the Fa La La La Felt book! I think these two are what sold me on the book. They are perfectly weird and a little creepy and super cute! But I don't like mine as much as the ones in the book. My heads are shaped a little funny. I've already altered the pattern to be a little more round for the next time I try to make these. I did an awful job at sewing the hats on. I should probably redo that...
 This is what Frank does when I sew at my desk. He usually sits behind the sewing machine but I was hand sewing so he had more room. He would sit on a bed of tacks just to be near me.
I went ahead and bought the red coat pattern from the person I originally got the inspiration from. Look at the difference in size! Which do you like better? I'm not sure myself. Jon likes the bigger one. The small one should definitely have smaller buttons.

Momma coat and daughter coat.
Did you know that I'm not a fan of the blanket stitch? I think I was supposed to do that around the coat but I just really don't like that stitch to look at and I don't like to do that stitch. I should rephrase that. I don't like the stitch USUALLY. But sometimes it's ok.


1st snow. This is what I woke to. It wasn't much but it snowed!!!!

And below is Ava from this morning. Still in her night-night diaper but promptly out of her shirt! First thing she did was take it off.
I'm still reading the Sword of Truth series (I'm on #9 I think) and listening to Outlander for the 100th million time. Happy Thanksgiving! We went to Ikea and then ate some roast beef with mashed potatoes but no rolls becasue I needed to save room for the pound of fudge I'm about to eat:)


Kelly's Korner said...

OMG peanut butter fudge is my fav fudge ever! One time I tried to work at a fudge/candy shop but there was too much danger of eating the inventory. Definitely going to try this recipe.

Love all the felt! The silhouette of Ava is really cool! Can't wait to see you tomorrow! oooh.... are you bringing fudge? :)

insanely crafty said...

I like both coats! That first one is SO tiny! I think you need to do a coat for each of you!
totally had me laughing about the blanket stitch thing! and I really needed a laugh.

corinnea said...

Your felt stuff is always cute. Not sure which coat I like better.... I'm going with Jess, make a third!

I love fudge.

Sweet photo of Ava.

Frank makes me miss Evie so much.

Snow? I was at the beach yesterday!

Happy T Day!

Katelyn R. said...

Your fudge was amazing! and I love all the felt things your making! I can't wait until my book gets here. And i like the small coat better, but only because it has polka dot fabric. And i love my polka dots!

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