Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Which one isn't made like the others?

Can you find the felted pumpkin amoungst the real ones? Or is it a gourd? I'm not sure what you call that.

Isn't it purty? Corinnea gave it to me for my b-day. I had eye-balled it at the German felt store we went to. Corinnea bought it but I thought for herself or her sister but NOOOO! It was for me:) The lady who owns the felt store felts all the stuff there. She had gourds, pumpkins, vegetables and lots of other stuff. They are all very realistic looking.

Along with this bag she made. I loooove it! Thanks Corinnea:)

I've been making these half eaten gingerbread men ornaments for the Art & Espresso in November (I'll post the details on the event later). I am taking pre orders though:) But I have to worn..they aren't cheap. They are made with 100% wool felt, hand embroidered/sewn and machine sewn.

We're ready for Halloween. Have been since the 1st but I forgot to post pics till now. These silhouettes are Martha Stewart (pre jail) when she had her very cool website. Not the one she has now. It's not the same. She had a catalog and her stuff was soooo cool. I guess I'm glad the site is no more because I gots lotso stuff from there:)

And below is a new item we have at the store to hold bobbins. Corinnea ordered it and I'm so glad she did. It's really cool.

dust on my shelf..

That's all..


insanely crafty said...

The gourd is so cool!! I really need to try felting! What a neat present I love the bag too!
I wanted to buy some of the MS Halloween stuff but yours looks so much better than anything she has for sale now!
Your Ginger bread men are cute. The expense is the reason I haven't bothered to sell anything made with my wool felt!!!

Katelyn R. said...

that gourd is awesome! And those half eaten gingerbread men are just ADORABLE!!!

corinnea said...

I would love to place an order for one very expensive wool felt gingy. I want the one that is seriously surprised.....
I am not ready for Xmas nor Halloween.
You have nice friends.
Apparently one of them is a genius. Just sayin.

Mary H. said...

Well, since your taking orders, I'd like 2, please! I want one to take home to my mom and also one for myself, ofcourse! I know certain fabrics can be expensive and also the time and creativity only add to it, but I think these guys are so cute and such a good idea! :)
Really like the felt gourd(I couldn't tell which was fake!)
And the bag is very nice!
I've also been ready for Halloween for what seems like forever. I'm finally starting to get excited about Thanksgiving and Xmas now that they're getting closer. :) It helps to have most of my gifts bought too so I won't have to bother with it all later. Like everyone else, I hate stressing over the holidays.

Mary H. said...

Oops, I forgot to mention the bobbin holders are really creative and a good use to save space. They look like legos to me w/ the different colors. :)

lizy said...

Wow, the pumpkin looks so real. The gingerbreads are freakin cute and a great idea :)

Mary A. said...

Wow, the gourd is awesome. And the bag to, it's almost as awesome as the one I won =) I can't wait to hang my gingerbread man =-) You need to make other ones, I like the fact that Nicolas can't shatter them.

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