Monday, October 5, 2009

Spring Ruffle Top & Scrap Bucket

Remember the Spring Ruffle Top I made my sister months ago? Well here it is on her! It looks so good on her if I do say so myself:) The fabric is a Batik and the solid is a Kona cotton.

And below is a new pattern I got the other day. looking at the pattern picture you wouldn't think it could be so cute. I originally saw the pattern made here and had to have it. I know I could have made this pattern myself (well, I think I could have) and could have saved $8 but I HATE making my own patterns and will willing pay to have someone else do all the work. I just don't get how to make a circle bottom anything, does anyone? What's the formula?

This is the large size and it's much bigger than it looks. I tried to put it next to things so you could see the size (Emily, my sewing machine)

It's 9" tall and about 27-28" around.

FYI: At the PX they finally have in the Holiday Colonial Candles!! I have been waiting since last year for them to have the Holiday Sparkle scent. I am in looooove with this one. I have it burning right now. I also got the scent, Cranberry Cosmo. That is super yummy too! Closer to Christmas I'll break out the pine smelling candles. Speaking Of Cosmo's, I haven't had a decent Cosmo drink since we left San Diego:(


Also, FYI (because it's just fascinating!) Emily has an imaginary friend. Her name Ajenna. She has a sister named Anina. A dog named bingo (and the dog has a brother also named bingo). She has a cat Davey who has a brother named Alfo. Ajenna lives far far away in America. She lives in a big city and when asked what she looks like I am told "she looks like a person". She has black hair, lots of toys and doesn't like to clean.

One more thing. A while ago we got a Shaun the Sheep DVD and the girls (especially Ava) loooove it! LOVE it! We have 2 different ones and they have been on super heavy rotation the last couple of weeks. I highly recommend them.


Katelyn R. said...

that shirt turned out soooo pretty! good job! and the scrap bucket is really cute too!

pearlswirl said...

Looove the shirt! Oh, don't you just love batiks? ;)
The basket is cute too. It looks just like the one you did make!? And Shaun the sheep, ahahaha love it! My family used to actually watch those at dinner. I think having kids would be great for that; being able to watch kid shows and having an excuse.

lizy said...

the top looks great on your sister :) Love, love the bucket and the fabric you used.

corinnea said...

Your sis looks so cute in the top! Nice job!
The bucket is awesome! I love the fabric choices! I KNOW you could have made the pattern but I am with you, I like someone else doing the hard work.....

Mary H. said...

The shirt looks really good on your sister, and I'm sure she's glad to have something handmade by you that no one else does!
The bucket is very cute- it does look like someone just did patchwork on it, but that would also take more time, like you say, other than just buying it that way.
(about the cosmos- you should come out with us on the 16th and get some free drinks and have a night away from the kiddos for a few hrs.)
I can't believe Emily's added on to her story! It could be turned into a book! haha
Will you be bringing Shaun the Sheep over for them to watch? Emily was into watching movies the last few times they were over.

Margaret said...

The shirt looks great on your sister, and those are great photos of her! And the bucket is to die for. So cute! Emily is getting so grown up, what an imagination!

Jules said...

Wow! I feel honored to have made your blog! And to comment on what Mary H. said, yes I am glad (& soooo proud) to have something handmade by you!! I get so many compliments on it whenever I wear it - even my students have commented on it :) You're the best!
I also agree that Emily's imaginary friend could be a book! I can't believe all the details. So cute!!!
That bucket is awesome! Okay, Cosmo's are on me when you come back home :)

Anonymous said...

This picture of your sister is gorgeous. She looks wonderful. It's not just the shirt either..Jenn

Mary A. said...

Sorry this is so late and all. The bag is really cute, and it is a good size. Was it easy?

Your sister looks great in that top. Super cute!

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