Saturday, October 24, 2009

Mary Jane Stocking

A new pattern I got recently!

I'm going to make a few and sell them in the store and at the Art & Espresso event.

The shoe is wool felt and the lining and stripe fabric is cotton.

A present from Katelyn! I added this mini quilt to my others in the bathroom but I'm running out of room. I had to put hers on the side for now.

Up close ...this block is a Spider Web block and done in some of my favorite fabrics. Thanks Katelyn, I ADORE it!

Two more birthday gifts. Six bottles of Bath & Body Works Pink Grapefruit body wash.
I love this stuff! Jon uses it too:) Thanks Aunt Karen!

And two key chains from Jenny B. The pictures are from our trip to London. The top one is of us in the London Bridge Experience. This is where we adhered ourselves to the guy in front of us while walking through the very scary haunted tombs. And the bottom one is in front of Westminster Abbey where "somebody got yelled at for taking pictures inside...". I love these reminders of a very happy time with my BFF. Thanks Jenny Bean:) Miss you!

I got this shelf at the thrift store for $5!!! It looks just like the ones I have been wanting (but they won't ship this size here) from Pottery Barn Kids. I had also looked at something similar at Ikea. Five dollars! Score! My goal is someday to line one wall with shelves like this, about 2 feet from the ceiling. On this shelf are some items I don't want the girls to touch. One being the book below from my childhood.

I loved this book!
I don't have much from when I was younger but I do have this and my beloved Drowsy Doll (you can see her on a doll stand in the upper right hand corner of the shelf picture). She is sooo beat up. Fingers missing and hair chopped. I think she even has "Jenny" written on the back of her neck.

Emily & Ava.

Ava with eggs in her mouth. Right after this she blew a raspberry in to the dishwasher spraying eggs all over the clean dishes. Loverly. I put the side view picture of her because of her hair!! So weird since Emily was lacking in the hair department till she was 2.


inkie-mumma said...

I love that MJ stocking! So much that I had to Tweet it hope you don't mind :D

Oh and AWESOME shelf score, I'd also love to have picture rails around the top of my walls, but alas my houses ceilings are WAY to low!

Katelyn R. said...

I love that stocking! It is soooo adorable! and Ava's hair in that top knot!!!!! SOOO Cute!!!

Mary A. said...

The stocking is really cute! Your doll looks like she got lots of loven. I still have my bear from when I was a baby, Eric makes fun of how flat he is now. I LOVE Ava's hair, I'm jealous. By the way, she has your look down =-) She's gonna be your mini me. Oh, and I can't believe you got that shelf for $5, it does look just like the one from PB Kids. I've been eyeing it to.

corinnea said...

Love the stocking.
You continue to be a lucky girl with nice gifts!!
I have ALWAYS wanted a shelf around a room like that. I think my sister has one....
The girls are just too cute.

Mary H. said...

Cute cute stuff! :)
Really like the stocking but you already know that since I was lucky enough to see it in person earlier. :)
And Ava's hair is too cute like that!

Kelly's Korner said...

That stocking is SO cute! I had one of those books with my name in it too. I think I saw it in Ethan's books when we moved... LOVE dirty things introduced to the clean dishes. ;)

Jennifer said...

thanks everyone! Inkie-mumma: of course I don't mind you twittering the stocking:0

Jocelyn said...

I have stocking envy!! How much are they? I'll pay for shipping, of course. I love it! Do you do embroidery too? Lorelei doesn't have a stocking yet and I thought this would be a cute one for her. =) Actually, I want it for myself, but I already have one - the one that you made for me AGES ago!

lizy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
lizy said...

Stocking is very cute.... Lucky, you found a great bargain and it looks great. Ava looks darling with her hair up. Did she put up a fuss :)

Anonymous said...

"somebody needs to stop telling everyone how I got yelled at for taking pictures..." Glad you like the keychains. I was thinking I should have made them into fridge magnets. I miss you too. Jen

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