Saturday, October 10, 2009

Felt Leaf Garland (part deux) and Art

Another felt leaf garland. FYI: I'm not done with the felt garlands. I have some Christmas ones in the works:) I'm supposed to be sewing my costume though.....

I have uploaded to my sidebar, the leaf templates/instructions in PDF form. They are a little ghetto but easy enough to understand I think. These pictures are horrible! Like Corinnea, I too have bad lighting. It's always so dark in here!

The garland was made from looking at the Pottery Barn Kids one below.

They were originally meant to be sewn together like the other garlands but this was going to maybe be a class and Corinnea wanted simple (glue). But it's not going to be a class now. The glue is totally fine but I think sewn with some details outlining the inner leaves would have been pretty. And sewn with wool felt would have been a whole lot better! You can still see some glue on one of the leaves because it's not dry yet and the leaves are just pinned to the ribbon for now.

I painted Emily's nails and put nail stickers on them.
Lisa turned me on to these sticker thingies. Thanks Lisa:)
I got this pad of paper with frames on it as an early birthday present (it's about 12x12, and just like a large post-it) but I was thinking how I didn't want to buy another pad of this when it ran out because it's $12-ish. I remembered that I have these frames from Kitschy Digitals and how they would be perfect to make my own!
The above picture is the pad of paper from Amazon, called Jumbo Museum Frames. And below is all the frames I printed myself.

Pumpkins, bats, ghosts and a witch.

These 3 pictures below are from the Jumbo Museum Frames. They are bigger than the ones I printed but much much cheaper.

I think she said this is family.

apparently that's me with Ava on my head.

looks a little early Homer Simpson-ish, doesn't it?


corinnea said...

Hey! I am but a simple person...

I do want to get some wool felt...

Love the paper frames! I think it is very cool that you make the kids drawings into something special.

Katelyn R. said...

That garland is once again adorable!!! Please don't stop! And I went to to the heidelberg craft shop today and they have a HUGE selection of wool felt!

Mary H. said...

Cute garland, fingernails and pictures frames! :) Still cant wait to see your costumes and the X-Mas garland you'll make!

insanely crafty said...

go get some wool felt! Take my mum with you!
love the garland! I am working on one right now! Keep the good ideas coming!
The picture frames are adorable!!

Kelly's Korner said...

Those post it frames are really clever!

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