Friday, April 18, 2008


******I forgot to add where I get the labels from: They take about a month to arrive. I've been using them forever and really like the quality and the choice of motifs. The happy Darla labels are from This was the 1st time using them and it went very well! If anyone needs help ordering labels just let me know:) Here's a scan of all my labels:

My new labels!

When we were about to move here we had 4 kitties: Pig Blossom (Piggy), Mau Mau, Darla and Alfalfa (who are brother and sister) but we didn't know how it would be traveling with 4 cats to Germany and if we were allowed to have 4 in an apartment, etc. My sister's cat had passed away earlier that year and she was very shaken up about it. She had always loved Darla & Alfie (especially Alfie) so Jon and i decided to ask them if they would watch the brother and sister while we were gone for 3 years. Long story short, they said yes, we drove them from San Diego to Sacramento and they've been in love with them and claimed them as theirs since. Unfortunately Darla passed away last year...
I used to have an email address when we lived in San Diego that was happydarla@.... so I thought it would be cool to have labels for my bags and other non-baby stuff that honors my little Dim-sum Darla.

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corinnea said...

K, you made them look even cuter than they already are! You are extraordinary. What is that site again?

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