Friday, April 11, 2008

etsy favorites

Here's a couple of my favorite sellers on etsy:
The letter plaque is from here (now I need an A for Ava!) and the framed art is from here (frames are from Pottery Barn Kids but not available anymore)

the print below is from here.
I think I'm going to have to make Emily a t-shirt with this print on it.
The next print is from here.
I think this guys prints would be perfect for a boys room but I'd put them in Emily's room too.
This calendar is from here.


corinnea said...

K, I love the monster pictures. I am tempted and you know my kids are big! Jessica (my baby girl) says you find the best sites and I agree!

sasha said...

awwww! I remember when you showed me those pics in the frames! SO cute! I love the frames you picked for them. Why are you so durn cool! I miss you, and the store, "sigh" :( Ok, well, ":)))" me being chipper.... you keep up with the fun sites I get to steal from you to inspire me and cheer me up. love ya!

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