Thursday, July 17, 2014

Table trough for crafty stuff

I think all my posts start with, "have you seen this ________? I've been wanting to make one".
Same with this post. I saw this recessed trough thingy for drinks in a table on pinterest. A "drink chiller" (I saw one for succulents too and want to do that one at my sister-in-laws!). So I saw the drink chiller one and wanted to make it:) Now I have! I love when I can check things off my pinterest list. 
I bought a 14.75" x 7.75" plastic planter box from Home Depot for $4.98 with a lip on it.
I used a spade bit (I think that's what it's called)
a drill and a jigsaw
my table is 3feet x 4feet.

after finding the center of the table, I flipped the planter upside down and traced the outer edge (my planter is bigger at the top than the bottom so I didn't want to trace the bottom) After tracing I went back and drew a line all the way around the inside of the first line, coming in 1/4". This is so the outer edge (the lip of the planter) will rest on the table and not fall through.
I then drilled with the drill bit above, a hole through each corner so I can get my jig saw started and get to each corner (see 2 pictures up). After drilling I then cut with my jig saw all the way around it (starting in one corner hole) making sure to cut on the inner line.
After cutting I just dropped the planter in and it was done!
Below is the underside of my rickety table that Ava drew on (she drew on the top and the bottom). This table is old and will be thrown out when Ava stops coloring on it so I didn't mind cutting a hole in the center.
You can put utensils in it, condiments, napkins, chips, anything! We're going to put craft supplies that get used the most.
I wanted to show how much room there is for knees. I don't hit it either when I sit at the table. 
And above is my dinner. Just showing there is lots of room on the table still.
*Thanks Dad for your input on this! I never would have thought to use the spade bit and drill holes first.


Corinnea said...

Go you!! That's a fun idea.

Jules said...

YSFT! So cool! We've been wanting something like this for our table at the pool to put ice in to keep food chilled.

Kelly's Korner said...

Very cool! And power tools! That's one area that I haven't really gotten into. It looks like it will be very handy!

Mary said...

That's awesome! I need to do this to Nicolas' desk.

Kara Forristall said...

Man, that's a great idea! Wish my craft table was a bit bigger right now =/

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