Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hanging with my Gnomies: the Costumes


*Girl Gnome Costumes*
They're done! And photographed:) I'm really happy with how they turned out and the girls seem to like them. 
The run-down on where everything is from:
1. The hats are acrylic felt (used this tutorial to make them). The fronts are folded back. Make a test one out of pattern-ease first!!
2. The dresses are Oliver + S Music Box pattern and made from Kona Cotton. Both size 5 but with different seam allowances and lengths.
The Dresses were altered (see back photo) to exclude the buttons going all the way down the back and gathered at the waist instead of pleats.
3. The blouses are from Old Navy.
4. The aprons are made by looking and measuring an apron from a Raggedy Ann doll I've had since I was little. The fabric is bleached muslin.
5. The "eyelets" (Dirndl lacing guides) on the backs of both dresses are purchased from this Dawanda seller.
6. The wide ribbon on each dress is vintage ribbon purchased on Ebay.
7. Flamingos from amazon, ceramic mushroom the the PX many years ago.
I bought a Samsung Galaxy S3 for super cheap off some guy working in the PX!! I am in Heaven. It's  my very 1st big girl phone; meaning one that can text easily and you can watch movies and all that good stuff like surf the web but most importantly is takes Instagram photos!!!! So be prepared to see a lot of those. I have wanted to do this since the 1st one I ever saw. They make everything look cool.

This was taken on the way to take the pictures. It's snowing here already!


Venus-Suburbia Soup said...

Your gnomies are the fo shizzle, yo!
I just pinned... awesome as usual...
Happy Halloween from San Diego!

Tina said...

The girls are adorable in those Gnome dresses. You did such a great job, but than you always do. I just love your blog.

kms handmade said...

That first picture is gorgeous! The girls are really cute! I just love your costumes! Yep, I got the instagram bug too. It's fun!

kristin said...

probably one of the greatest photoshoot locations i've ever seen, and some of the cutest gnome costumes too! WUNDERBAR!!

Corinnea said...

When is someone going to realize that you need to have a book on halloween costumes????


Jessica said...

you make the best costumes! I am not a big garden gnome person but you make me want to like them! haha.
I agree I don't think you could have picked better costumes for the awesome background! I love all the additional lawn ornaments you added!

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