Thursday, October 4, 2012


October 23rd will be 9 years in Germany. 9 years!!!! 7 in Stuttgart, 1.5 in Schweinfurt and 6 months here. I still can't believe we live in Europe. What's even harder to believe is that we've never been to Oktoberfest In Munich. THE Oktoberfest. I never knew the difference until moving here so I'll explain it (if I get it wrong just pretend I know what I'm talking about). There are Fests through out the country and at different times of the year but this is THE fest. It's like County Fairs all over the states and one place having the biggest one (Texas?). Oktober fests and all the others over here are all like fairs in the states; games, rides, food, souvenirs but here they have these huge buildings they call tents (and at smaller fests they are in actual tents I'm sure) that are sponsored by beer companies. You go in there and drink and party and listen to live music, etc. (I'm sure I'm not explaining correctly but you get the gist, right?). The tents get so crowded and crazy and people dance on the tables and it's just crazy (I bet there are videos on youtube!). They get so crowded that you have to reserve tables ahead of time. I think this mostly applies to the evening though. We have been to many fests since living over here and even reserved a table in a tent with some friends and experienced a tent so I was ok not ever going to the official FEST. But Jon kept saying he wanted to go so we finally did it. We drove two hours then parked about 30 minutes outside of Munich and took a train right to the fest. It was awesome! So cool to actually be there. We did not go in a tent though because we have children.
This "pop-up" food/beer tent was so cool looking I had to take photo. These "tents" are made only for Oktoberfest. I wonder where they store them till next year?
The girls enjoying the train. They had to stand for the whole ride there. Because that's what kids find fun:)
The coolest Ferriswheel. Look at those cars! Boxes? what do you call those? So typically German and cool.  Like a gingerbread house.

The wait was long and it cost us 19 Euro to ride it but the view was amazing. I wanted to see just how big the fest is (and these two photos aren't all of it).
 Those big buildings are the beer tents.

I had to take a picture of Ava eating her favorite German food: Leberkäse mit brötchen. That girl can MURDER some Leberkäse!! I buy it at the butcher here and it's just a piece of meat (warm, sliced off the slab when you ask for it) on a roll (see better photo of it here). And the other photo is of a very very common scene and it was only noon when I took this photo: drunk men wandering around holding each other up wearing their lederhosen. It was only noon and I can't tell you how many guys we saw like this! And some girls too!

The train ride home.

 All about Ava!

Ava had her 1st day of German Kindergarten . She LOVES it. Can't understand a word they speak but loooves it!

 Threw in these 3 photos for no other reason than just to show how stinkin' cute she is!
Shark hoodie from OldNavy but I really think this could be made yourself.


Kelly's Korner said...

So was it really all that different? That ferris wheel is awesome! Maybe one day we'll go down there. Your pictures are great! The girls are just so cute! Oh, and yes everything is bigger in Texas. ;)

Corinnea said...

I'm so glad you guys got to go. It is an experience that I'm glad I didn't miss!
Leberkase is best in Bavaria. Some of the best I ever had is in Garmisch.. Sigh...
The girls are so cute in their Dirndl!

Jessica said...

It's definitely worth going! None of the other fests compare when you see just how awesome Munich's set up is.

And unfortunately after growing up with all the fest there and the beautiful designs of the booths I just cant really get into the ones here... so sad... wish they could do them that well here.

If I am not mistaken most of the Christmas market booths are only used the one time every year too.

I really miss Germany. Especially at this time of year!

I think you got there right about the time I left and I can't believe it's been that long since I lived there!

Also Ava is ADORABLE I love that you have her in German school!

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