Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Animal Toiletry Bag

My German BF is moving to Colorado soon so I made her a going away gift. This toiletry bag has been made so many times I forget to read the instructions. I should have read them because I forgot (again) to insert the Peltex. It was way to floppy so I cut slits in the lining and inserted the Peltex and now it's lovely.
I think I mentioned before when I made Connie a bib for her baby out of this same fabric that she has a thing for animal prints. She probably loves them as much as I love mushrooms.
Pattern is from Jessica bought here and fabric is from someone on etsy (waterproof lining too).
Thank you for all your kind comments about Jon's mom. I have passed these on to him. The memorial was actually fun considering. We got a bouncy house for the girls (and a couple of other children that came) and the weather was perfect. Jon's sister got a Taco bar (this company sets up a grill and grills the meats and even makes the tortillas from scratch). The only down part was the speeches. We were all in tears. But I really appreciated hearing what people had to say because even though I have known his mom for 20 years now, you forget what this person is like when they get sick and become someone else. She was basically a bed-ridden Alzheimer's patient for most of the past year and at the end never left her bed and could barely speak coherently. That's not the Mickie I knew. The Mickie I knew loved gardening, the Zoo and the History channel. She couldn't appreciate any of these things pretty much as soon as she was diagnosed. She worked at a circuit board company for 30 years and loved her boss and coworkers (same place Jon worked for 9 years prior to the Army). She will be missed.


jules said...

LOVE the bag!! That was a real nice post about Mickie :)

Corinnea said...

Very cute bag!

I'm so glad you were able to celebrate Jon's mom in such a fun way. It doesn't lessen the missing but it does add a lovely layer over the saddness.

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