Thursday, June 3, 2010

Kindle Case

Dear Aunt Karen, I am so sorry this took so long to make!! In my defense I did have to draft my own pattern:) And we all know how much I hate doing that. Really I just modified the diaper/wipe holders I make. But still..I did include a zippered pocket in the back and I'm crossing my fingers that your Kindle fits. I hope you like it:)

I think it came out pretty cute though! The mushroom fabric is brown and by Michael Miller.

I added a zippered pocket on the back for ear phones a travel light or whatever. I don't carry mine around so I have no idea what you'd need but you can never have to many pockets, right?

I hate the Velcro (it's sooooo ghetto) but the other alternatives didn't seem good.
Below is my sister Julia with the Weekender bag I made her for her birthday back in February. I'm so happy to see her using it! I guess it could be a staged photo...hmm
And below are more pictures from last week.
This picture below has an action run on it that simulates sun flare!! How cool is that???? Notice my new header?

*florabella actions

Of course she had to have some clothes removed during the picture taking.

So ethereal... he looks like an angel.


TheBlackForrist said...

oooh, I like that fabric! the zippered pocket IS a great addition... even for a wipes case... hmmm

that pic of Emily should be on your wall... and the new one of naked girl... hahaha. REALLY great!

corinnea said...

The kindle case is cool. If I hadn't bought one with mine.....but if it was made a little bigger to fit mine with the case and had such a cute zippered pocket addition along with the cool strap clasp thing.... why that could be awesome!! hmmmm
think about it.
Your sis is gorgeous with her weekender!
Sweet, sweet photos of the kiddos!

Katelyn R. said...

the case turned out so cute! and I loooove that header! she looks so sweet!

Jocelyn said...

Aw, I love the Kindle case. Very nice! I STILL use that weekender bag you gave me every time I take a trip and it never fails - I always get compliments on it and people want to know where I got it! =D The pics are great - you took a lot of great photos that day!

lizy said...

This came out great! Love the fabric you used, is gorgeous. Love this new action you are using on the photos!

Mary H. said...

Cute Kindle Case! :) And the pictures of the kids are really good!

KD Designs said...

I love the kindle bag. I told Rob about cuz I love it so much! I need something like that for the gym so I can carry my phone, and ID card. I think you should make a few more. :)

And I love all your pics! I want to come with you guys the next time! :)

jules said...

Staged my ass!!!! How dare you! I use my weekender bag every time we go out of town or stay over at a friend's house.
The photos are awesome, Jenn! You are so talented!
And . . . I LOVE the Kindle bag; again - damn you're talented!!!!!!

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